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Dynamic Chiropractic – March 14, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 06

Giving Back to the Profession

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

The suppliers of the chiropractic profession are extremely important components made up of individuals or organizations who labor to provide essential support in the form of services or equipment designed to make life easier, and a practice more efficient and beneficial for the doctor and his patient.

On occasion we hear about a supplier who wants to do more to support chiropractic. We hear about one who wants to "give something back" in some extraordinary way. Such individuals, companies or organizations are not motivated by favorable press coverage or corporate gain. Rather, these vanguards stand out as those who extend a gesture both rare and selfless.

No better example comes to mind than the historical gesture of Dr. William M. Harris, president of Practice Consultants, Inc., in Roswell, Georgia, who, in November of 1988, bestowed a grant of 1.1 million dollars to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) in order to establish the first chiropractic college-based comprehensive clinical research center at National College of Chiropractic. This five-year research program under the leadership of principle investigator Dr. John J. Triano will make possible a diversity of objective measures to determine effects from various conservative treatments of spine-related conditions. It will also establish the first postdoctoral research training program for chiropractic physicians in the United States. FCER's executive director, Brian E. Cartier said, "This is a milestone for the profession. It's not just the size of the grant -- it's what this grant will do. It will enable FCER to create a research environment that is second-to-none within the profession ... a facility that's comparable to those of other important research institutions. We are pleased and proud of the EXTRAORDINARY (emphasis added) commitment and trust Dr. Harris has shown by selecting FCER as the recipient of this grant."

Another sterling example of support of such extraordinary dimension is Leander Research, Manufacturing and Distributing, Inc. Concurrently with the launch of a new ad campaign of the LEANDER LITE manual flexion adjusting table, Leander is taking the lead in assisting chiropractic colleges worldwide, by donating $45 of every LEANDER LITE table purchase to the alma mater or chiropractic college of the purchaser's choice. It is a plan that represents a significant number of dollars that will be channeled back into chiropractic's educational institutions. Imagine the possibilities for economic support if more suppliers would volunteer a "pledge," on a percentile basis of each and every sale they made! This is an active demonstration that borrows not just from words and lip-service, nor do they represent a "customary token" gesture. By its very nature, a percentage-based pledge reflects an implicit commitment of a unique caliber. A commitment that does not put a limit on the giving.

The LEANDER LITE table will be available to students through a convenient interest-free layaway plan. A minimum of $100 down and $50 monthly payments (or $150 each quarter) until the table is paid in full or graduation with a diploma. Of important note is under this plan, no table will be delivered to any student, even when payment-in-full is received, who does not first meet the minimum qualification of having been certified by a qualified instructor, acceptable to Leander Research, in the Flexion Distraction Technique.

Often we hear of the outstanding support an individual doctor, lawyer or patient who gives to the chiropractic profession. Superlative gestures of support for the chiropractic profession on behalf of these extraordinary suppliers are well worth noting. "DC" welcomes this rare opportunity to offer our applause to these suppliers whose inspiring demonstrations of support can and will accomplish so much for chiropractic.

What a positive form of endorsement for chiropractic and -- wouldn't it be terrific if more of the chiropractic suppliers were "giving back" in this way?

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