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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 31, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 03

"Sore Throat"

By Chester Wilk, DC

Recently some chiropractic journals have purported to report an interview with a so-called "Sore Throat." Back in 1976, I had an opportunity to speak with "Sore Throat" on several occasions on the telephone. He called me on the phone because he had found copies of my letters to key chiropractic leaders in the AMA file urging that the chiropractic profession file an antitrust lawsuit against the AMA. We now know that the AMA had an active program to monitor all activity within the ranks of the chiropractic profession to assist it in its effort to "contain and eliminate" chiropractic in the United States.

I shall never forget "Sore Throat's" voice if I live to be a hundred years old. I was grateful to him for sensitizing the chiropractic leadership into supporting a lawsuit which I had been advocating for some time. It seemed that a mysterious voice from afar seemed to be the ingredient which finally made things happen, and for this I was deeply grateful.

When "Sore Throat" again appeared to surface after 13 years of silence, I thought I could finally thank him for his contribution. Finally I had a chance to speak with the person claiming to be "Sore Throat." I told him that he was definitely not the same voice of "Sore Throat" that I had last heard from 13 years ago. He then explained that there were several "Sore Throats" and that he was one of them. But, if he had any ties or connection, he did not even know the gist of the conversations between the original "Sore Throat" and myself. He claimed to have some "new evidence" but when asked to produce these documents he had nothing of value or substance.

The bottom line is that the voice of the new "Sore Throat" is not the same, he had no knowledge of the gist of my conversations with the original "Sore Throat," and when asked to deliver documents he had nothing. I understand that he has contacted many journals claiming to be "Sore Throat" and that some have printed his story in good faith, while other may be considering to carry his stories. Before doing so, consider the above facts; I leave you to make your own conclusions.

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