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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 22, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 24

Delaware Governor Declares Chiropractic Health Week

By Editorial Staff
Delaware Governor Michael N. Castle officially proclaimed the last week in October (National Spinal Health Month) "Chiropractic Health Week." In issuing the proclamation, Governor Castle pointed out the importance of spinal integrity in achieving and maintaining good health.

This is the second year in which the Governor has recognized Chiropractic Health Week. The Delaware Chiropractic Society (DCS) sponsored a community appreciation day in which participating DCs provided free spinal exams, posture screenings and other free services in exchange for donation of canned goods. The food was donated to Food Conservers, Inc., which distributes the food to the needy throughout Delaware.


ABCA Names Its "Chiropractor of the Year"

The American Black Chiropractors Association (ABCA) recently named Dr. Gloria Lee its "Chiropractor of the Year." She is a 1972 graduate of the Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles (CCCLA) and is a member of the college's board of directors. Dr. Lee has two practices in California: one in Los Angeles and one in San Bernardino.

Dr. Lee was named "Chiropractor of the Year" in 1986 by the California chapter of the ABCA, and said that she never expected five years later to win the national award. She said that she was encouraged at the ABCA convention in August by the attendance of about 50 black chiropractic students, the largest group of black students ever assembled at the conference.


ABCE Changes Exam Dates

The Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners (ABCE) recently voted to conduct it licensing examinations in the months of January and July. This new schedule will begin in January of 1992, after the November 20, 1991 licensing exam. The May 20, 1992 exam has been cancelled and the new 1992 exam dates are January 29, 1992 and July 15, 1992. Call (602) 255-1444 for applications.


ICSM to be Held in May

The 1992 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation (ICSM), presented by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) will be held May 15-17, 1992 at the Chicago O'Hare Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois. For more information contact the FCER at (703) 276-7445.


Louisiana Association Presents Service Award

The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana recently presented Dr. Harwell H. Morris with the association's distinguished service award. This award was presented at the association's annual convention held in New Orleans. Dr. Morris was also elected to the association's board of directors to represent the Baton Rouge area. During his 32 years of practice in Baton Rouge, Dr. Morris has also served two terms as president of the association as well as numerous other positions.


NWCC Receives Funding for Three Grants

Funding for three separate research projects totaling more than $220,000 was recently awarded to the Northwestern College of Chiropractic (NWCC).

Gert Bronfort, D.C., of NWCC was notified by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) that they would fund the amount of $120,000 over the next two years for his research project "Chiropractic Spinal Adjustive Therapy and Exercise Versus Pharmacological Treatment and Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial."

The Consortium for Chiropractic Research (CCR) has funded the two other studies, which are both outcomes assessment research projects: "Outcomes Measurement Assessment: A Multisite Comparative Analysis," will be overseen by principal investigator Kassem Kassak, M.P.H, of NWCC; the second study, "Three Site Outcomes Assessment and Data Pooling Demonstration Project: Focus on Low Back Pain," has as principal investigator William Jose, Ph.D., of NWCC.


NCC Starts Phase I of Capital Campaign

The National College of Chiropractic (NCC) is proceeding with plans for phase I of a $6 million capital campaign. The campaign will last several years, and will raise money for the construction of a new library and clinic in Aurora, Illinois. The second phase will involve additions to the Student Center. Mr. Kent Greenawalt, president of Foot Levelers, Inc., presented Dr. James Winterstein, president of NCC, with a $25,000 for the new library.


NCC Offers New CA Program

NCC now offers a certification program for chiropractic assistants which consists of 120 hours of practical training. The class meets one weekend each month and while participants may start at any given month, a new series of classes will start in February 1992. For more information call (708) 268-6622.


Palmer Chiropractic University Appointment

Dr. Douglas Hoyle was recently named assistant to the chief of operations for planning at Palmer Chiropractic University (PCU). The announcement was made by Mr. Larry Patten, chief operating officer of PCU. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Hoyle served as director of institutional analysis at Palmer (Davenport).

Dr. Hoyle, who holds a Ph.D. in Higher Educational Administration and an M.A. in Communication Arts, came to Palmer from a position as a program evaluation/research specialist at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He also served in the capacity of director of debate and forensics, and was a member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

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