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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 22, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 24

Arizona DC "Sells" Chiropractic Manipulation to MDs

By Editorial Staff
The following letter was mailed to MDs in Nevada. Should you find any or all of this letter offensive, you may wish to write or call Dr. Guenther and express your feelings.

Medical Manipulation Seminars

Dear Doctor:

Give me ONE, that's one weekend of your time and I will show you how to add an additional income of $100,000.00 or more a year to your current practice.

Yes, that's right Doctor, beginning Monday you can bring in over $2,000.00 per week immediately.

This is NET income, as there is no additional office expense(s) needed to obtain this.

Any Medical Doctor can add these services -- G.P., Family Practitioner, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurologist, etc.

In 1 weekend you can learn medical manipulation (taught by Chiropractors with million dollar practices with 28 years of experience) and stop your patients from seeking help elsewhere.

What? You're not interested in a hands on seminar that teaches you all you need to know to be actively treating your patients Monday morning? THAT'S OK! Take our course and we'll show you how we can assist you in placing a trained technical assistant in your office to do it for you!!

Remember, 1 weekend is all it takes to stop $100,000.00 from going down the street to another health care practitioner.

Please phone me immediately at 1-602-839-0280 for the details of the upcoming Las Vegas Seminar.


M(ilton J.) Guenther, D.C.
3019 S. Stewart, Mesa, Arizona 85202

Editor's Note: It is truly a sad situation when a DC thinks so little of the wonderful knowledge he possesses and the profession that he's a part of, that he's willing to sell it all at a weekend seminar. Fortunately, the Arizona licensing boards is already aware of the actions of Dr. Guenther. The Arizona board has filed a complaint with the office of Arizona's attorney general.

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