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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 22, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 24

Just for the Asking

By Editorial Staff
Governor Ned McWherter proclaimed September 18, 1991 "Chiropractic Day" in Tennessee.

James Messimer, D.C., president of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association reports that all that was necessary in getting the governor to make the proclamation was simply to ask.

The governor's reply: "I'd be proud to."

The governor's office sent out a newsletter, along with pictures, to papers across the state. If was great publicity -- just for the asking.

"Communication" is the operative word for Dr. Messimer. He reports the TCA has met with the three top health insurance carriers and eight of the major workers' compensation carriers in the state to discuss problem areas and work towards compromise.

"We found out the main thing is to be honest with them ... and communicate. Isn't that what we want also?"

Dr. Messimer encourages those in leadership roles to meet with insurance carriers, legislators, and business leaders, to educate them about chiropractic.

"Don't try to push anything down their throats," he admonishes, "Just inform them. Most will listen, most will learn, most will agree."

Life Notes

Singin' on the Warpath

When not counseling students at Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia, Herschel Hatcher writes and performs Christian music. Although the Georgia native has gained some regional notoriety with his musical efforts, Herschel suddenly received national attention, including an appearance on "Entertainment Tonight," for penning and singing "The Tomahawk Chop," a fight song inspired by the success of the Atlanta Braves' baseball team.

The song begins with an "indian chant," apparently begun years ago by students attending the Florida State Seminoles' football games. Herschel added words and music after the opening chant and recorded the song. His timing was perfect. With Atlanta going to the World Series, the song was played nation wide.

"This has all been overwhelming. It's like a fantasy, Herschel said. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if I can take being famous," he quipped.


Record Setting Enrollment at Life College

With already the largest student body of any chiropractic college in the world, Life College continues to grow: 2,220 students enrolled for classes beginning October 1.

The increase in the student body reflects the success of Life's recruiting and of its two new programs: the school of undergraduate studies, and the inauguration of the master's degree program in Sports Health Science

An example of Life's recruiting endeavors is its recent participation to increase minority enrollment. Three former Georgia Tech football players, two of which played in the NFL, recruited for Life's master of science in Sports Health Science at four local colleges. The U.S. Department of Education has recently approved financial aid to this master's degree program.

Regarding the college's new undergraduate studies, Sid Williams, founder and president of Life said, "I believe our bachelor of business administration degree is competitive with other management programs in the area."

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