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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 2, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 16

"Chiropractic Appreciation Night" -- 2,000 Chiropractic Patients Attend

By Steve Kelly, managing editor
When the individual state associations reported on noteworthy occurrences in their states during the recent Congress of Chiropractic State Association's meeting in Orlando, Florida, November 7-10, the New York Chiropractic Council (NYCC) spoke with enthusiasm about their 2nd annual convention. Ho-hum, you say, EVERYONE has a convention, so what? But wait.

While their convention began quietly enough with NYCC members meeting with state policymakers, Senators Kenneth LaValle and Guy J. Velella; U.S. Congressman Robert Mrazek; and legislative consultant Peter Mirto, the convention's sedate proceedings soon gave way to the boisterous arrival of more than 40 bus loads of chiropractic patients -- approximately 2,000 -- who entered the hotel for the convention's first event -- "Chiropractic Appreciation Night."

That night the legislators were honored with awards for supporting chiropractic, and the patients heard Drs. Fred Barge and Ian Grassman speak about chiropractic.

Dr. Jay Handt, chairman of the public relations for the NYCC characterized the patient turn-out as the "greatest patient-chiropractic event in the last decade, if not longer, in New York State."

Long Island's most popular television station, Channel 12, covered the event. The TV news team expressed amazement that so many patients would participate in such an event, particularly on a week night.

Continuing the next day, 400 registered participants to the convention heard speeches from Dr. Sid Williams, president of Life College, Dr. Fred Barge, past ICA president, Dr. Larry Markson, and Dr. Leander Eckard.

Also of note was a special seminar for insurance adjusters to educate them on what chiropractors do and why and to improve communication with the insurance industry.

"They were taught the five components of the vertebral subluxation complex. They were given insights into surface EMG and other instrumentation used to demonstrate and objectively document the subluxation complex," said Dr. Handt.

On a personal note, Dr. Mark Studin was presented with the NYCC's highest honor, the Beacon Award, and named "Chiropractor of the Year."

The final day of the convention presented a morning 5K "Run for Life" with 1,400 participants. Dr. Sid Williams, who developed the first "Run for Life" in Georgia (now the largest race of its kind in the South), was the official starter. Radio station WRAP broadcast live from the race and Long Island's Channel 12 covered the event for TV.

Not all conventions are created equal: A little imagination and a lot of work by the NYCC resulted in an interesting and innovative convention. What is your association doing for 1992?

Steve Kelly
Assistant Editor

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