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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 2, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 16

Assistant Secretary of HHS Speaks at ACA Convention

By Editorial Staff
The Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kevin Moley, spoke at the American Chiropractic Association's annual convention June 13th in Orlando, Florida.

In his capacity as assistant secretary of HHS, Mr.

Moley serves as the chief financial officer (CFO) of the department, overseeing a 1991 budget of $486 billion. (The fiscal 1992 budget for HHS is $525 billion). HHS is the largest organization in the world to have a CFO as part of its top management structure.

In his convention address, Mr. Moley applauded the ACA for its support of the RAND Corporation study. Of the study, Mr. Moley said, "I can't tell you how important the work is that is going on between your organization and RAND. There is absolutely no way to overemphasize the importance of that kind of consensus building in terms of what is appropriate or inappropriate, particularly as you move into the decade of the '90s."

"What will survive the decade of the '90s is what works ... Outcomes research is in; anecdotal evidence is out ... Managed care is in, and if you are not in a managed care program, you are going to be out -- you are going to see your clients go elsewhere," Mr. Moley said of health care trends in America.

The assistant secretary listened to Dr. Reed Phillips' standards of care report and urged ACA members to become aware of Dr. Phillips' work and that of the RAND Corporation, and support these efforts as much as possible. "So it behooves everyone ...," Mr. Moley said, "to cooperate with people like Reed Phillips and the RAND Corporation to define, whether it be narrowly or broadly, where your profession can find its niche in respect to efficiency, in respect to cost effectiveness, and then go back on the war path of making note to the American people what you do, how you do it, and how you will succeed in being part of the solution to the health care problems that we face."

Mr. Moley agreed to circulate the RAND Corporation's chiropractic standards of care research reports to key members of the HHS as these reports become available. He stated that he will also set up meetings with the ACA and other top HHS officials.

"I'm delighted a senior-ranking official of Mr. Moley's caliber chose to spend his valuable time with the ACA," said Dr. Reginald Hug, a newly-elected ACA board of governors member from Alabama. "He offered the profession sound advice -- and without a doubt he was impressed with what he saw and heard at our convention. The wisdom of building closer relationships with these key officials is absolutely clear, and I'm delighted the ACA is leading the way for the profession in this regard."

Mr. Moley concluded his convention remarks by commending chiropractic and challenging the profession to take advantage of the new opportunities in health care: "You are in a better position now than you may have ever been. The skepticism that has been leveled at you constantly over the course of your existence is now being leveled at others who have previously been regarded as sacred cows, and that provides an opportunity for you for once to be on a somewhat level playing field. I hope you have the energy, the insight, and the will to take advantage of this new playing field. I know I will be hearing from your leadership."

The ACA's department of governmental relations plans to continue its efforts to stay in communication with key policymakers in the federal government, and to seek their participation in events where they can be favorably exposed to the chiropractic profession.

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