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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 10, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 10

An Open Letter to the Profession: "A Serious Threat to the Future and Integrity of Chiropractic"

By Chester Wilk, DC
I've become increasingly concerned at the direction that Dr. Terry Rondberg and his Chiropractic Journal have taken in recent months. I believe that the reason his former editor (Barbara Bigham) quit the paper, and why I must also disassociate myself from The Chiropractic Journal, is because I cannot tolerate the kind of hate pedaling, divisive writings, and insulting cartoons which have become The Chiropractic Journal's trademark in recent months. I haven't seen The Chiropractic Journal say one kind thing about anything that our organizational leaders have done in the last few months. We need to reach out to one another and build bridges -- not burn them.

I'm afraid that Dr. Rondberg has become totally out of tune with the times and out of touch with reality. If his ideas are adopted by the profession they will become a serious threat to the future and integrity of chiropractic.

When our chiropractic leaders took steps to establish some honest and ethical guidelines for professional conduct, The Chiropractic Journal attacked it as a "power play" and "Big Brother" violating our freedoms. Dr. Rondberg advocated lowering our standards under the guise of "live and let live," which would be professional suicide.

The truth is we better police ourselves in a fair, equitable, and responsible manner or others will do it for us and they won't be as kindly, democratic or understanding about it. If we allow a permissive policy which allows every chiropractor to do as they wish without some kind of limits, the profession would be turned into a mob instead of ethical and responsible acting professionals.

When our profession was crying out for some guidance and direction in practice building our leadership appropriately responded by putting together some fine practice building and management programs. Incredibly, The Chiropractic Journal attacked the programs and suggested possible antitrust violations, which is without basis or merit.

The April 1991 issue of The Chiropractic Journal printed my article "Change in Leadership Can Bring Reforms." In the article I expressed my disappointment in the ACA's public relations firm rejecting an idea I had concerning media coverage. The Chiropractic Journal changed my wording to read that both the ACA and the PR firm had rejected my idea. I did not write that. Further, the article dates back to 1990. While the material was a reflection of my feelings concerning the ACA last year, it certainly does not apply today. Dr. Rondberg was well aware from my correspondence with him that this dated article did not reflect my current feelings about the ACA. I have expressed to him that the ACA has made tremendous progress as an association, due to new leadership that includes Chairman Dr. David Redding, President Dr. Charles Downing, and Director Dr. Kerwin Winkler. These men are three of the finest chiropractic leaders that I've had the privilege to work with. I am amazed and deeply upset that Dr. Rondberg would use an outdated article from last year which casts a negative image upon them. I feel he should print a public apology to these gentlemen.

The Chiropractic Journal also took the liberty to change my copy. My original article stated that, "on a national level we have two or more" (national organizations). This copy was changed to "three or more." This was done, I believe, to make it appear that I give credence to Dr. Rondberg's World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) as being an organization. I would not give it that status. Dr. Rondberg offered me a free membership in WCA; I turned it down, indicating I did not agree with his idea of forming the WCA.

Meanwhile, I have removed myself as the "Special Contributing Editor" to The Chiropractic Journal and will no longer submit articles for publication in Dr. Rondberg's paper. I will also discontinue advertising in The Chiropractic Journal and I've requested to be released from my advertising contract.

Let's isolate the negative and destructive influences from our ranks and concentrate on building upon the many positive things that we have going for chiropractic. We have a magnificent profession; let's keep it that way.

Chester C. Wilk, D.C.
Chicago, Illinois

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