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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 12, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 08

Palmer Clinic -- Roadside Service of Another Kind

By Editorial Staff
Truckers traveling through Walcott, Iowa on Interstate 80 are learning of a different kind of roadside service; it has nothing to do with diesel gas, or food. Hint: It's a twelve-letter word beginning with a C.

Since September of 1989, Palmer College of Chiropractic has operated the Walcott Clinic, which provides chiropractic care to truckers. Demographic studies have found the trucking industry to be an excellent resource for chiropractic services. Dr. James Owens, D.C. and clinic administrator adds, "We also get a variety of travelers, in addition to truckers, who come in to inquire about chiropractic, and Palmer College. Educating the public about chiropractic is important, and I believe the Walcott Clinic helps to do that."

Truckers from as far as Las Vegas and Georgia return on a regular basis to seek chiropractic care at the Walcott Clinic as they travel through the Midwest. Nebraska truck driver, Ron Widhelm was hauling a load of steel in his semi trailer rig when he stopped in for an adjustment. "It relieved the tension and the pinching nerve back there ... having a clinic here is a great idea, I wish they'd have clinics in more locations."

The most common complaint of the drivers is neck and shoulder pain caused by long hours of gripping a steering wheel. Apparently, the constant road vibrations are absorbed into their arms and shoulders causing discomfort. For truckers, the clinic is a welcome relief. While many of the truckers have undergone chiropractic care in their home towns, they have found it difficult to continue because of their varied hours. The Walcott Clinic solves that problem by making chiropractic care readily available to them just off the highway. The clinic also provides extended weekend hours for the convenience of its patients.

Four licensed chiropractors staff the clinic, providing care to patients, and overseeing 27 student externs per week.

In addition to the Walcott Clinic, Palmer also operates three other clinics in the Quad Cities area. Future clinic locations are currently under consideration.

Palmer's Walcott Clinic, a unique facility that provides chiropractic care to the trucking industry.

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