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Dynamic Chiropractic – March 1, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 05

NCMIC Holds Annual Elections For Directors

And The Nominees Are....

By Editorial Staff
Less than two years ago, the policyholders of the National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC) took control of their malpractice insurance company. This occurred when the policyholders elected two write-in candidates (Arnold Cianciulli, D.C. and Charles Cline, D.C.) to the board of directors instead of the two candidates chosen by the existing board.

In the past, the nominating committee selected all the candidates, without any opportunity for nomination from the policyholders at large. Policyholders were only given two votes to elect two candidates for two positions.

Last year, bylaw changes provided for the nomination of any policyholder who could secure a small number of signatures of other policyholders. In addition, the 1990 election included three nominees for the two positions available.

This year, there are currently four candidates for three available positions. There may be additional candidates, as the deadline for nomination from the policyholders has not yet occurred.

The three candidates selected by the nominating committee are:

Phil L. Aiken, D.C.
Donald M. Krogh, D.C.
Louis Sportelli, D.C.

Nominated from the field:

Shelby M. Elliott, D.C.

NCMIC insures over 20,000 chiropractors. For this reason, the election of their board of directors is very important. Be watching in the March 15, 1991 issue for an article which will include an interview with each of the candidates.

If you are a NCMIC policyholder, be watching for your ballot which should arrive towards the end of March.

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