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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 15, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 04

Chiropractic PR Bonanza

By Editorial Staff
Good Bye Back Pain!
by Leonard Faye, D.C.
Chiropractic has made an important step forward with the publishing of Dr. Faye's book Good Bye Back Pain! The book has been accepted into mass distribution by the major national bookstore chains (Walden, Dalton, Crown) and will be positioned next to the writings of MDs, physiotherapists, and Ph.Ds. The positive exposure for the chiropractic industry is significant.

"There is not a more powerful tool for changing public opinion and perceptions than the publication of a book," stated Dick Weaver, president of Tale Weaver Publishing. To illustrate the point, Weaver stated that, "a one percent swing in the opinions for treatment of the 85 million plus back sufferers in the United States translates into 850,000 new chiropractic patients."

Now that we've been given this broad-based platform to promote our industry, we should run with the ball and get people reading materials which will cause them to try chiropractic over other forms of treatment, added Dr. Faye.

So how pro-chiropractic is Good Bye Back Pain? In the section discussing physiotherapists the book states, "If you discover that your treatment is just relieving the pain and not treating the underlying cause, change doctors and therapists. Otherwise, you will only get rid of your back pain temporarily. If your back has locked joints, or your sacroiliac and hip joints need a manipulation, you should consult a chiropractor ... heat and exercise will not correct the cause of your back pain."

PR Works (the company that promoted the sales of the popular "Fit for Life" to four million copies) the public relations firm retained by the publisher to promote Dr. Faye's book envisions a large word-of-mouth sales effect.

In Dr. Faye's 30 years as a back specialist, he has treated thousands of patients with muscle, joint and bone problems, but he has predominantly treated people suffering from back pain. Dr. Faye has written this book for the layperson who wants answers to their back problems. He explains the anatomy and functions of the spine in everyday language, and the mechanical disorders that often lead to back pain.

The publication of Good Bye Back Pain is an important, positive exposure for chiropractic. The influence of such a mass marketed book is impossible to calculate, but it's no exaggeration to say that this sort of publicity is invaluable to chiropractic.

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