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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 15, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 04

On Safari with Natal Technikon

By Lee Arnold, DC
In 1973, I lost my shirt in Durbin, South Africa. In 1990 I lost my shirt in Durbin, South Africa. Each were returned to me in Johannesburg, South Africa in finer shape than when lost. It is witness to the South African integrity and honesty of their society. This also proves you cannot lose your shirt in Africa.

Recently (in October) I had the opportunity to address the South African Congress in Capetown. While in South Africa, I was privileged to see the functioning within their different societies, and observe their college, Natal Technikon. The South African Chiropractic Society is unequal to any group with which I have had the opportunity to work and/or observe. It constitutes a solid 120 membership, dedicated to the Technikon and the chiropractic profession. These fellow chiropractors have fought for recognition of chiropractic and a college of chiropractic for the profession and those it serves. The student body has advanced through the first two years of academics. The future chiropractors of South Africa are now entering their third year, advancing to clinical subjects.

They need our assistance. Although the school is within a state controlled institution, all is not free. There have been serious cuts in all education institutions within the South African government under the leadership of F.W. DeKlerk. Like communism, apartheid government and segregation no longer exist. The chiropractic chair has prevailed because of chiropractic cooperation, dedication, and donated rands (South African currency). This is quite a feat, since chiropractic curriculum was the last course placement in the Natal Technikon institution.

Natal Technikon has set a budget of five million rand which the profession must raise in order to maintain its present position within the institution. This is approximately two and a half million dollars. A small amount by United States standards.

How can we help? Through the generosity of Dynamic Chiropractic, we are offered an opportunity to purchase tickets at $100 each to further their fund-raising program. You will also be purchasing a chance to win for yourself an all expense ticket for two for a trip to South Africa's magical Mala Mala Safari Game Reserve.

My three safaris to South Africa only whetted my appetite for another opportunity to relive the excitement of the previous trips: to view the game in their natural habitat; to see the wildebeest in herds running; to witness the watering hole of a herd of elephants; the mighty roar of a lion; the inquisitive look of the giraffe; the unique habits of the wart hog; the massive power of the water buffalo; the majestic eland; the flight of the eagle; the beauty of the springbok; and at the same time to observe the pristine environment of a country virtually untouched (by today's standards) is a real "trip."

Four star accommodations, festive food, and fine wines are yours to enjoy. If this prize does not prove to be what I profess, your full expenditure of $100 will be returned to you with no questions asked.

The South African rand is depressed at this time and South Africa is presently one of the few places in the world where our dollar is worth almost three times what it is at home. (Try to keep the wife from shopping). Be assured, it will be the most memorable trip of your life and you will not lose your shirt.

Lee E. Arnold, D.C.
St. Petersburg, Florida

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