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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 15, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 04

ICA Convention Meeting in Las Vegas

By Editorial Staff
Mark May of the Washington Redskins will kick off the annual convention of the International Chiropractors Association meeting March 15-17 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. May, a supporter of chiropractic and patient of ICA Board Member Dr. Gerald Mattia, will be the opening luncheon speaker. Mark is currently promoting chiropractic in ICA's new 30-second television commericals. May believes that chiropractic care helped him play nine pro football seasons injury-free.

Experts from around the country will demonstrate adjusting techniques in pediatrics, geriatrics, pregnancy and sports injuries. Insights into the different philosophies of successfully managing your practice and identifying key elements essential to a preventative health-care practice will be presented.

For the first time, ICA's exclusive hospital privileges seminar will be offered during the convention (March 17). Taught by a team of experts from Detroit's New Center Hospital and ICA's legal counsel, the workshop will provide DCs with essential background information about the hospital industry: duties and privileges of DCs in the hospital; hospital protocol, and how and where chiropractic fits in the hospital setting. Doctors will be instructed in the application and review process, and what to do if denied hospital access.

On Saturday, March 16, chairman of the convention Dr. Darrell Atchley will preside over the Chiropractic Assistant's Program. The program will examine the CA as a vital link to internal communications; how to listen and motivate your "team" and the CA's importance in your external marketing efforts.

Another new feature will be closeup video coverage of the child-care adjusting sessions. This special coverage will enable every doctor to have a clear view of the adjustment conducted on the stage. At the conclusion of the demonstration, videotapes will be available.

This year's convention is designed to allow doctors the flexibility of attending sessions of their choice offered at various times throughout the convention.

Douglas B. Cox, D.C., -- Pediatrics

Greg Stanley, -- "Building a Winning Financial Plan"

William Dallas, D.C. -- "Philosphy of a Successful Practice"

Brian Porteous, D.C. -- "Building and Maintaining a Referral Practice"

Dennis Nikitow, D.C., -- "Converting from Insurance to a Cash Practice"

Guy Riekeman, D.C., -- "History Catches Up with Chiropractic"

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