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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 4, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 01

Chiropractic Consultation in Industry

By Theodore Oslay, DC

Interview with Matt Pasteris, an Industrial Engineer at Johnson Controls, Sycamore, Illinois. Matt received his education at Northern Illinois University where he has had an educational basis in ergonomics as well as engineering.

He is a truly compassionate individual who is focused on employee concerns, as well as his management concerns throughout the entire time that I have known him.

1. What is the best way to contact a company?

When the doctor first came to our company, the first thing I would want to see would be his credentials. I think that he could come in and state his business of work and where he has worked, and so forth, and some of his claim to fame to this point. I would also like to see what he would have to offer as far as being linked with our company. And that would be the type of remedy he would like to set up with our company outline. Another thing would be that would be real important would be how the doctor comes across in the initial visit. Is he one that is going to work with us or what's the personality as far as fitting with our company. I think these are the three key things I would like to see from a doctor that would come to our plant.

2. What are the things that the physician can do that would really be helpful to a company or the contact person at the company?

To have an outline or program that he is going to be able to give the company as far as what he can do for that company. You got to come in with the idea that there is something you can do to benefit this company. You have to have your P's and Q's together as far as what you have to offer. If you come to my company you had better be ready to impress me, you better be a salesman, and you better have something to offer.

3. Is there anything in particular a physician should do to prepare to work with the company?

To prepare yourself to work with the company, I think you need to have an understanding of what the business is that the company is doing. To do that you need to get in and get on the production floor and understand the jobs people are doing. In turn you can see the physical demand of the job. Even before you got in the door, you could do a little history on the company, do a little homework, find out what the company does and so forth. Find out its past track record. You should also have an understanding as far as types of injuries that are associated with industry carpal tunnel and etc. If he doesn't have that understanding, then he doesn't know what is going on in the company or the workforce.

4. What positive experiences have you had utilizing chiropractic with your company?

We had quite a good experience with Dr. Oslay since we have been working with him over the last year. He came to our company and he had a program to offer. He stepped in and wanted to understand what we were doing, what was going on with our people. He had a genuine concern of our people. What he has been able to do for us over the last year has been just fantastic. We have proven this with a survey that we had done with the people that have had contact with him. It has been very positive in what he has been able to do to help us out with the types of problems we are having. I think overall, the feeling is that the program is working with Dr. Oslay and we want to continue to work with him in the next year.

5. How do you feel about prevention measures as compared to treatment options?

Since we have started this program which began a year ago, I believe that this prevention is the way to go. I have to say that because its going to keep the workman compensation cases down and medical costs, and is also going to utilize your people better because they will be working and not somewhere else, in a doctor's office or at home healing themselves. Nipping this thing quickly and stopping it before it becomes a problem is what it is all about.

I think, to sum up, what prevention can do for your company is that the way we have looked at this thing form the start is that we care about the well being of our people, and a program that helps the people keep their health and not cause injury to them, with that in mind the program has been successful. It's the way we want to operate. We do a lot of things for our people and we want to continue to make sure that they are happy. With that in mind, this program has done that.

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