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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 4, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 01

COCSA Holds Annual Convention

Congress Grows to Over 40 State Associations

By Editorial Staff

Every year, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations' (COCSA) members meet to share the problems and solutions that are a part of the development of chiropractic in each state.

This year, the site was San Antonio, Texas. With almost 30 state associations represented along with both the ICA and the ACA, this year's convention was truly the best yet.

The convention began with a presentation by William Meeker, D.C., M.P.H.; Kurt Hegetschweiler, D.C.; and Paul Shekelle, M.D., M.P.H. on chiropractic standards of care titled, "Trends and Implications in Current Chiropractic Research." Dr. Hegetschweiler began the presentation with an examination of the need for standards of care. He made it very clear that standards would soon be demanded by all state, national, and private health plans.

Dr. Shekelle, who is a member of the Rand Corporation, explained why all health care specialties are establishing standards and what the Rand Corporation and the Consortium for Chiropractic Research are presently working on to keep the chiropractic profession current. Dr. Meeker concluded the presentation with a frank look at how third party payers are beginning to establish their own standards and enforce them on the chiropractic profession. Dr. Meeker stated, "Standards should be developed by or in conjunction with chiropractic organizations."

After the presentation, Drs. Hegetschweiler, Shekelle and Meeker were besieged with questions from state association officers who realized the incredible importance of what was presented.

For the rest of the first day, David Chapman-Smith, Esq. presented the COCSA members with a discussion of where the chiropractic profession is, and where it is going. (Mr. Chapman-Smith is the attorney who defended the profession against a vast array of attackers during the New Zealand Commission hearings.)

The presentation included a review of the very latest chiropractic research and a look at the current health-care "niche" that the profession now enjoys. Among the numerous facts and information that Mr. Chapman-Smith addressed were: the two primary patients complaints are headache and back pain; MDs and PTs will work very hard in an attempt to be able to provide spinal manipulation care in the next ten years; and a recent Ontario study found that 62% of family physicians refer to DCs and 10% are themselves patients.

The next day, Julie Young, the executive director for the Oregon Chiropractic Physicians Association (OCPA), provided an in-depth understanding of what happened, how the profession responded, and what each and every state must do to prevent the disaster of Oregon's Workers' Compensation. Ms. Young's invaluable information was of great concern to every state represented. It was very apparent, that sooner or later, every state will probably experience the same situation (be watching for more information in upcoming issues on this vital subject).

Probably the most important part of the convention are the State Reports. This is a time when every state association presents what is happening in their state and what their plans are for the near future. These presentations usually spark a great amount of networking between states with similar goals and problems.

The final event of the program was "Strategic Planning for Your Association: Order Out of Chaos" by Rick A. McMichael, D.C., president of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA). Dr. McMichael's presentation was particularly of interest because the OSCA is the developer of the "Chiropractic Manual," a manual that discusses various aspects of quality care, which has been adopted by ten other states. Dr. McMichael presented practical information about how to run an effective state association utilizing strategic planning.

Eugene T. Schayer, president of Lady Americana (a bedding manufacturer) was recognized for their contribution to COCSA. COCSA has had an endorsement contract with Lady Americana that has thus far brought in over $70,000 to the Congress. In addition, Seymour Shribnik, D.C., one of the oldest members of COCSA, was awarded a lifetime membership to the organization for his hard work over many years. Dr. Shribnik recently retired as the District 1 director.

The Congress will be holding its 1991 Conference in Orlando, Florida on November 9 & 10, 1991. The 1992 Conference will be in Palm Springs, California on November 14 & 15, 1991.

For more information about the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations and how your state association can become a member, please contact Robert H. Davis, executive director, P.O. Box 7458, Alexandria, VA 22307-0458, (703) 360-2554.

COCSA Officers

President - John L. Martin, D.C.

Vice President - Robert L. Dark, D.C.

Secretary - Rick A. McMichaels, D.C.

Treasurer - Rollie M. Dickinson, D.C.

Immediate Past President - Brad M. Hayes, D.C.

Executive Director - Robert H. Davis

Board Of Directors

District 1 - Lewis J. Bazakos, D.C.

District 2 - Marilyn R. Dragosh, D.C.

District 3 - Donald E. Marx, D.C.

District 4 - Jim Martin, Executive Vice President Colorado Chiropractic Association

District 5 - Jerilynn S. Kaibel, D.C.

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