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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 6, 1992, Vol. 10, Issue 23

After Philosophical Constructs -- What Do We Have Left?

By Fred Barge, DC, PhC
Again we see the second issue of National Colleges Philosophical Constructs for the Chiropractic Profession bashing away at traditional Palmer Chiropractic Philosophy. Actually this periodical from National College is calling not for a construction but for a reconstruction of chiropractic philosophy.

Why are they doing this? Why does Dr. Winterstein (National's president) want to destroy the above-down, inside-out principle, the God in man innate principle that only the body heals, that chiropractic works in all disease, and if the patient has a subluxation chiropractic care can be of help? This non-therapeutic stance (we don't treat disease) creates for chiropractic the unlimited horizon of caring for humankind, regardless of the ills they might have. When a body is free of nerve interference caused by subluxations, it can exist in its optimum state of function hampered only by limitations of matter. "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people" (Siegel). Subluxation free, the bodies resources are enhanced regardless of what the "disease" the individual might have. Yes, chiropractic works in all disease.

What's wrong with this stance, Doctor Winterstein? Well, I'll answer the question for you; this approach depends on chiropractic's subluxation concepts! You and your college do not believe that the bone out of alignment subluxation exists nor can it be corrected by vertebral adjustment. Let me give my readers your exact wordage on this subject. In a September 25, 1990 letter to Dr. William Remling, you stated:

"It is my opinion that the paradigm of a 'bone out of place' concept in which there is static anatomical disrelationship which is corrected by attempting to push the malpositioned bone back into a normal relationship is one which is not physiologically or anatomically sound."

Then in the August 1990 (Outreach) you again stated:

"What about the vertebral subluxation? Is it an actual displacement that can be 'put back in place' with an adjustment? It is true that spinal distortions can sometimes in various ways, be corrected, but, except for rare occasions, I have not seen clear evidence of our ability to 'correct the bone out of place subluxation.'"

Think of these two statements, my friends, and this man is the president of a chiropractic college! Need I remind you that National College no longer teaches line or measurement analysis of the vertebral subluxation on x-ray.

So what's left doctors? If we remove subluxation from chiropractic, what's left? Therapy! To Dr. Winterstein even our cherished adjustment has become spinal manipulative therapy. To National College and other ACA colleges, the adjustment has become only mobilization therapy.

So if you have followed my rationale, it is easy to see why National College is trying to destroy our traditional Palmer philosophy, why they are calling for a reconstruction of chiropractic philosophy. They have completely turned away from the subluxation as chiropractic's main base of care. They are following the advise of long-time ACA Chief Council Harry Rosenfield when he stated in the ACA Journal in October 1986:

"Is subluxation necessary? Has chiropractic matured sufficiently as a profession to eliminate its traditional relationship with subluxation?" Doctors, if we abandon our subluxation base what do we have left? Only a hodgepodge of holistic, naturopathic remedies and therapies to treat patients with -- we will become a therapeutic profession.

This will force us to prove, disease by disease, that our chiropractic treatments help each specific disease -- an impossible task.

Come, come, chiropractors, our non-therapeutic stance does not mean we do not use therapies; it means we do not treat disease. Our therapies are ancillary to subluxation correction. With this stance, we have no boundaries in respect to who we can care for or who can come to us for care. We are not constipated by the medical paradigm of disease treatment. We do not treat disease; if the patient has a subluxation we can be of help. With this approach we offer a true alternative to common medical care. With this traditional approach we have unlimited horizons.

The patient wants to know, "Can the doctor help me?" To this question, we can say yes; if you have a subluxation we can be of help. We work with "The Master Maker of the Human Body," that which develops first in the embryo -- the nervous system. Chiropractic works in all disease, as we "allow the doctor that resides within to go to work." (Schweitzer)

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Fred H. Barge, D.C., Ph.C.
La Crosse, Wisconsin

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