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Dynamic Chiropractic – June 19, 1992, Vol. 10, Issue 13

ACA Endorses Excelsior Springs Mineral Water

By Editorial Staff
An American Chiropractic Association (ACA)-sponsored literature search was conducted to determine if the type of calcium contained in Excelsior Springs water has a beneficial effect in preventing bone mineral loss and/or help to prevent or lessen the risk of osteoporosis or other maladies associated with bone mineral loss. The literature search concluded: "Roughly 15 to 20 scientific studies show that calcium supplementation in the form of calcium salt may aid in the prevention or significantly reduce bone mineral loss at a variety of skeletal sites in women having normal calcium absorption."

The research also found that "Calcium supplementation has been shown under some circumstances to prevent bone mineral loss." Additionally, the studies indicated that "One of the major risk factors for osteoporosis is a prolonged history of low calcium intake."

After reviewing the literature search and the analysis of the Excelsior Springs water, it was the opinion of the ACA Council on Nutrition that this particular water might supply at least a portion of the calcium need of those individuals who may have a low calcium intake. There is no claim that the water alone will supply all the normal calcium requirements. The ACA Council is not aware of any other commercial water company that has a calcium content at the level of the Excelsior Springs water.

The water being bottled currently by the Excelsior Springs Mineral Water & Bottling Co. Inc. is the natural calcium water from the 'Valley of Vitality' in Missouri. The calcium content is 175 mg/liter Cu CaCo3. The carbonate in this water is in the form of bicarbonate due to the fact that the P.H. is below 8.3. The calcium in Excelsior Springs natural calcium mineral water is from carbonates and bicarbonates which causes the calcium to be more readily absorbed, with a rate between 40 percent and 100 percent.

The combination of bicarbonate of iron and manganese is one rarely found in natural water. This is one of five known springs of this type in the world, the other four being in Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany.

For these reasons, the ACA board of governors and ACA Council on Nutrition recently approved an endorsement for Excelsior Springs Natural Calcium Mineral Water.

Excelsior's new labels will carry this endorsement:

"Calcium supplements have been shown under some circumstances to prevent bone mineral loss."

-- Council on Nutrition, American Chiropractic Association
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