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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 13, 1993, Vol. 11, Issue 17

"American College Focus" TV Show Features NYCC

By Editorial Staff
New York College of Chiropractic (NYCC) President Dr. Kenneth W. Padgett, Director of Recruitment Brian Mount, and 1992 graduate Dr. Dennis Cummins all appeared on the 1993 series television show "American College Focus," produced by WDMC-TV in Yonkers, New York and hosted by Scott McGowan, PhD. An entire program was devoted to NYCC. This is the first time the program has featuring a chiropractic college.

Tapings in the 1992 series featured such institutions as Harvard and M.I.T. "American College Focus" is open to rebroadcast at any public access or PBS station and aired in Yonkers for nine consecutive days in early April. The program also ran on "Crosswalks," a New York City educational program that reaches over one million homes in the five boroughs of the city and two channels in Westchester County.

After its New York City airing is completed, the show will be open to PBS stations throughout the Northeast and Canada.


Coalition Seeks to Combat National Health Care

Citizens Against Rationing Health (CARH -- pronounced "care") announced plans for a $10 million grassroots/media campaign in early July to lobbying against a nationalized health plan.

CARH is a coalition of the American Conservative Union, United Seniors Association, Citizens for A Sound Economy, Citizens United, and the American Legislative Exchange Council. The group is particularly concerned about defeating any type of "health rationing."

"The American people do not want rationed health care," said CARH Co-Chairman Beau Boulter, representing the United Seniors Association. "They don't trust the government to run a national health care system because they've seen it fail in other countries," he added. Mr. Boulter wants reform to come through the private sector.

The CARH coalition is touting a Washington Post/"ABC News" poll as evidence that their approach to health care is valid and that the Clinton administration should heed the warning. The poll showed 56 percent of Americans believe the Clinton plan will cost them more; 43 percent believe the Clinton plan will mean worse quality of health care than they're receiving now.

Donald Devine, co-chairman of CARH, director of the American Conservative Union and former director of the federal Office of Personnel Management under President Reagan, said the poll was a "... ringing repudiation of any government run plan..." and that the "...American people flat-out reject any kind of health care rationing." Mr. Devine believes that medical IRAs, tax deductions, and removing government regulations will keep health care costs down.

Chiropractic seconds CARH's concerns over health care rationing under a government plan.

For more information contact Keith Appell: (703) 683-5004.


Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee Meeting

The 1996 Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee meeting at Life Chiropractic College, April 16-17, was attended by Chairperson Dr. Suzanne Bisset, Dr. Richard Rosenkoetter (treasurer) Dr. Tom Hyde, (symposium chairperson); Dr. Pam Putnam (travel to treat chairperson); Drs. Deloss Brubaker, and Steven Nudelman, (steering committee); and Mr. Richard C. Koons, (consultant to the committee).

Dr. Brubaker discussed a proposed medical plan that will soon be presented to Margaret Spratlin, medical planning director to the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG). The need for establishing medical training standards and encouraging more individuals to seek additional training and experience with athletes was discussed in conjunction with the medical plan.

Dr. Bisset reported that a letter of intent was negotiated with the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games. It is anticipated that the committee will produce and execute an International Interdisciplinary Symposium in cooperation with the Paralympic Games scheduled for Atlanta in August 1996. The agreement also calls for the committee to network chiropractic services for National Disabled Sports Organizations, and to assist in a public relations/awareness campaign.

Dr. Hyde provided an update of the symposium committee activities. Two Atlanta area convention centers are being considered for the symposium and negotiations continue with both. Funding through individuals prepaying their symposium fees and corporate sponsorship avenues are being developed and pursued. Local Atlanta companies will be encouraged to support the symposium at a July 23 luncheon hosted by the committee and the 1996 Paralympic Games.

Dr. Pam Putnam reported the results of letters mailed to other states concerning reciprocity status to Georgia. Reciprocity refers to the legal status of those DCs who will travel to the Olympic Games in Georgia in 1996 to treat athletes, even though their not licensed to practice in Georgia. A model for limited reciprocity has been proposed to the Georgia Board of Examiners and the FCLB.

List of Representatives

Dr. John Danchik (617) 489-1220

ACA Sport Council and WFC
Dr. Thomas Hyde (305) 892-3892

ICA Sports Council
Dr. Jack Barnathan (516) 931-1140

Life Chiropractic College
Dr. Bob Bell (800) 672-8543

Life Chiropractic Sports Master Program
Dr. Deloss Brubaker (800) 672-8543

Dr. Richard Kowalski (404) 534-8812

Dr. Brian Nook (712) 275-4790

Southeastern Chiropractic Federation
Dr. Tracy Watson (919) 467-1114

Dr. Steven Nudelman (706) 353-8032

Dr. Jerry Holsonback (912) 237-7948

GCA Sports Council
Dr. Richard Rosenkoetter (404) 233-2440
Dr. Suzanne Bisset (404) 564-3334

State Sports Council South Carolina
Dr. Nick Scandalios (803) 556-4237

Dr. Alan Shaff (407) 495-4357

New York
Dr. Scott Vinci (516) 294-9483

CCSP (Canada)
Dr. Robert Gringmuth (416) 745-2162

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