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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 26, 1993, Vol. 11, Issue 05


By Joseph Keating Jr., PhD
Extravipractic ... it's an Extravaganza!

Yes, now you too can attract, service, and retain thousands of new patients each week with my proven methods! No longer must you settle for dreaming that dream.

Now you can walk that walk and talk that talk on a GLOBAL basis of SPIRIT and vivification. Stop your stinkin' thinkin' and come share the VISION ... Extravipractic is here!

Not just practice management, no gimmicks, not just the newest, most scientific technique ever to make its mark on a suffering humanity, Extravipractic is the modern, revolutionary way to meet all your practice needs. Find your PURPOSE and meet your goals with new confidence with my Hippo Principles. Stop chasing symptoms and get to the underlying CAUSE of all dis-ease. This breakthrough PARADIGM will thrust the profession into the 21st century with a FOUNTAINHEAD on identity, potential and INTEGILLENCE, and will boost your volume instantly. The GREATEST MIND in the profession will show you how to REASON you way to new heights with RED HOT philosophy that will explode you into HyperPractice. With my GUARANTEED RESULTS for practices over $1 Billion annually, you'll learn the plain truth about this unique program. Learn the secrets of my NeuroCreditMeter, a revolutionary new instrument that has totally altered the new patient assessment, reducing the time loss of unnecessary medicodiagnostics and focusing in on your PURPOSE. Quickly determine what the patient's resources for recovery Really are: 

Neuro Credit Meter - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Here's what satisfied patients had to say in documented testimonials:

"Yessiree! It works, no doubt about it, no questions asked! It gets results and that's what counts!"

"I really like the philosophy. Plus, I didn't have to bother coming into the office for my treatments. That's real service!"

"I really like the fried chicken. Dr. _ _ really knows how to treat his patients right!"

With satisfied patients like this, can you afford to be without it? Plus, if you act now, I'll include the SpineTrek patient video-tape and the Innatometer at no additional cost! SpineTrek enables your patient to visualize the Healing Power Within from above down, while you monitor the finances from inside out. The Innatometer has been proven highly scientific and reliable in the Journal of Medipractic & Perverse Therapeutics. It's as simple as that!

This unlimited offer will probably never be seen again. Call now: 1-800-TURKEY for details.

Joseph C. Keating Jr., Ph.D.
Western States Chiropractic College
Portland, Oregon

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