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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 18, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 26

Hospital Secrets

By Editorial Staff
The CBS investigative news program "48 Hours" recently examined the perils of hospitalization. Dan Rather reported on recent hospital incidents that, instead of saving the lives of patients, put them in grave danger. The following quote is the opening statement of his report.

"Good evening. The headlines can make you sick. Across the country case after case of hospitals making mistakes, mistakes that have cost a limb or a life. And what may be most shocking -- these incidents are not rare.

"According to one study, 180,000 people a year die from hospital errors. '48 Hours' has spent the last three months investigating how these mistakes happen, how they're sometimes covered up and how you can protect yourself. What we found is alarming: a system of policing hospitals that doesn't work and may have left countless lives shattered beyond repair."

  • Dan Rather


  • Source: Is Your Hospital Safe? "48 Hours," September 14, 1995.

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