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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 18, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 26

"DC's" Chiropractor of the Year

By Editorial Staff

Dr. Holmberg - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Dr. William F. Holmberg, DC, FICA, the guiding force behind the Chiropractic Centennial Foundation, noted that the centennial helped us "focus on what we share."

Holmberg giving a speech. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark">

By May of 1992, when it became clear the CCF stewardship was more than a handfull, Palmer put Dr. Holmberg on "loan" to the CCF to be its full-time president.

When Palmer College formed the Chiropractic Centennial Committee (CCF) back in 1984, it might have seemed to outsiders a bit early to begin to discuss how the profession might go about celebrating its centennial year in 1995. But when Dr. William Holmberg was named to chair the CCF, and opened the first official meeting on October 10, 1985, a full decade of planning and work lay ahead.

It is Dr. Holmberg's dedication and work with the CCF that earns him our "Chiropractor of the Year" award. (He'd get our chiropractor of the decade award, if there was such a thing.)

No, friends, the centennial celebration and the many peripheral projects it spawned did not spontaneously happen. From 1986 to 1995, Dr. Holmberg presided over 49 official CCF meetings, with committee members flying in from around North America to meet in Davenport, not counting the numerous conference calls he participated in and the constant barrage of mail and facsimiles bouncing back and forth between his office and the offices of the board members.

To tackle the job of chairing the CCF (his title officially became president of the CCF Board of Directors on Nov. 27, 1989), was a huge commitment to a decade of work, above that of carrying on his practice in Davenport (the one he began in 1955 after graduating from Palmer), not to mention his Palmer College employment as vice president for development and alumni (since 1983).

By May of 1992, when it became clear the CCF stewardship was more than a handfull, Palmer put Dr. Holmberg on "loan" to the CCF to be its full-time president. In broad terms, the CCF's mission was to plan, coordinate and administer the centennial year: to recognize the profession's history and its educational and scientific advancements in health; to encourage profession wide participation in the centennial events; and bring national and international recognition for the profession.

Above all, the most important aspect of the centennial celebration was to involve the profession in the broadest sense possible, which was accomplished with the colleges, state, national and international associations joining the CCF.

When DCs think of the CCF, they probably think of the centennial celebrations in Washington, DC, and Davenport: expensive and logistically difficult enterprises to pull off. But don't forget the more lasting accomplishments, all under the leadership of Dr. Holmberg and the CCF Board: chiropractic television documentary; chiropractic's first Rose Parade float; the magnificent Illustrated History of Chiropractic; oral history tapes (pioneers of chiropractic); development of historical markers; the historical display; national advertising and media kits; original commemorative art; proclamation of chiropractic centennial in the Congressional Record; centennial newsletters; educational programs; call for papers; official souvenir programs, numerous commemorative items; the centennial logo -- the list goes on.

To accomplish these numerous projects necessitated raising millions of dollars. Dr. Holmberg's fundraising experience as national chairman for the antitrust fundraising committee (Wilk et al. anti-trust suit), and his heavy involvement with fundraising for Palmer, served him well in this endeavor.

While Dr. Holmberg has been the recipient of many honorariums, (e.g., ICA's "Chiropractor of the Year" 1986), his commitment to making chiropractic's centennial year worthy of a century of chiropractic care is deserving of not only our "Chiropractor of the Year" award, but the thanks and respect of the entire profession.

Dr. Holmberg's license plate reads, DC CEN 95. Not everyone knows what that means, but millions of Americans, thanks to the public relations efforts of the CCF under his guidance, know a little more about this profession and its 100 years of care.

Dr. Holmberg receiving an Award from Dr. Williams. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

(From left): Dr. Holmberg has been the recipient of many honorariums during his career: here he is pictured receiving the ICA's Distinguished Service award in 1992 from Dr. Sid Williams.

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