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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 4, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 25

College News

By Editorial Staff
Field Training at Palmer West

A 1991 survey of Palmer West alumni gave nearly unanimous voice to the need felt by students for more "real world" experience to help them in their transition into clinical practice.

To answer that call, in the summer quarter of 1993, Palmer West began a practice development program for students in their final quarter. The program is a 10-week field training program that includes a weekly series of business seminars.

Dr. Gary deWet is the director of the weekly series of business seminars, and Dr. Richard Beacham created and manages the field training and selection of field preceptor doctors.

The 10-week program allows the students to work in a doctor's office three days a week, and to participate in and observe clinical and business procedures. The program attempts to match student interest with the specialized practice of the preceptor doctors (e.g., sports, pediatric, industrial, etc.).

The weekly business seminars are held on the Palmer West campus, and feature practical lectures on financing a new office; hiring staff; billing codes; insurance procedures; and managed care.

The clinical aspect of Palmer West's practice development program: Student Ricky Phillips (left) observes preceptor doctor Lorrie McCririe checking the progress of a patient's rehabilitation program.

Four times each quarter the practice development class meets to share their collective field training experience and compare notes on the various methodologies of the preceptor doctors.

Two years after the program's introduction, Palmer West students and preceptor doctors are praising the practical clinical and business management aspects of the program.


Alumni of the Calif. Chiropractic College

During the Life Chiropractic College West commencement exercises, which fell on the anniversary of the chiropractic centenary, alumni of the California Chiropractic College were in attendance (from left): Drs. Bert Wheable; Leroy Perry Sr.; Edmon Keiser; LCCW President Dr. Gerard Clum; and Drs. Elizabeth Moyer and Walter Blount. The Calif. Chiropractic College operated in Oakland from 1913-1954.


Life West Look-a-Like Contest

The Life Chiropractic College West centennial celebration in Sept. brought out a cast of characters to participate in a look-a-like contest.

The students and their alter egos are (from left): Lew Harper (DD
Palmer); Jason Graney (Life West President Dr. Gerard Clum); Rodney
West (Harvey Lillard); Brian Prax (BJ Palmer); Jennifer Curtis Prax
(Mabel Palmer); and Paul Dancey (Harvey Lillard).

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