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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 20, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 24

AHCPR Guidelines Now on CD-ROM

By Editorial Staff

CD-ROM Icon - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) is making available their first 15 guidelines (including Otitis Media with Effusion in Young Children, and Acute Low Back Problems in Adults) on CD-ROM.

CD-ROM disks are available at all 600 Federal Depository Libraries, many medical libraries, hospitals, and managed care organizations. The CD-ROM disks require IBM-compatible personal computers, MS-DOS 3.1 or higher and a CD-ROM drive with at least MS-DOS extensions 2.0 capable of reading ISO 9660 format.

Natural Medicine Forum Opens on CompuServe

Formerly the Holistic Health Forum, the new Natural Medicine Forum has opened on CompuServe, catering to the more than 33 million internet users. The forum includes such topics as dietary supplements; herbal/homeopathic remedies; hands-on healing; non-Western methods of health care; movement and exercise; and healthy eating.

The forum offers contests, live conferences with experts in natural medicine, and an area where members introduce themselves to other forum members. People interested in joining the Natural Medicine Forum are offered a deal to get "up and running": call CompuServe at 1-800-848-8199 and ask operator 525. To access the Natural Medicine Forum, type GO NATMED.

DCs Treat Canoe and Kayak Athletes at 1995 World Championships

Scott Shipley, Frederick Alleman, Rick De Carlo, David Hear, and Lynn Simpson. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

From Left: Scott Shipley, silver medalist, men's kayak; DCs Frederick Allemann and Rick De Carlo; David Hearn, gold medalist, men's canoe; and Lynn Simpson, gold medal, women's kayak.

Drs. Rick De Carlo and Frederick Allemann traveled to Nottingham, England to treat whitewater canoe and kayak athletes at the 1995 World Championships. Dr. De Carlo was appointed US team chiropractor for the competition, and Dr. Allemann represented France's team, having been team DC since 1987 and traveling with the team to both the 1980 Moscow and 1992 Barcelona Games. Both chiropractors spent 8-12 hour days working with the athletes to help them with injuries and bettering their performance. The US coaching staff and team members have asked Dr. De Carlo to be present at all the training camps both at the Olympic course as well as abroad leading up to the Olympics. Dr. Allemann will travel with France's team to all of their training campus leading up to the Olympics as well.


Chiro Patient Wins Int'l Powerlifting Championship

Michael Francis and Joel Grossman - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Powerlifting champion, Michael Francis, with his chiropractor, Joel Grossman.

Michael Francis of Orlando, Florida, a chiropractic patient of Joel Grossman of Winter Park, Florida, recently won the International Cup Powerlifting Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Francis' gave a world class performance: 820 lb. squat; 450 lb. bench press; and 755 lb. deadlift, for a total of 2,025 lbs. Mr. Francis is an employee of the Florida Orange County Department of Corrections the past 10 years and incorporates regular chiropractic care into his training schedule.


Cleveland KC Student Wins Highest US Finish in Fencing World Cup

On October 14-16, Peter Cox, a chiropractic student at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, competed in the first World Cup of the Olympic season in Brasov, Romania. Out of the four-man fencing team representing the US, Peter earned the highest US finish: 72 out of 100 sabre fencers. Currently ranked among the top three US sabre fencers, Peter will be competing in upcoming World Cup competitions in Munich, Germany November 25-26 and Nancy, France December 8-9.

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