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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 17, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 15

You Had to Be There

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher
No matter how busy I find myself, I always make it a point to attend my children's activities: football, basketball, volleyball, track, scholastic events, and field trips. If I can be there, I am.

On occasion, responsibilities take me out of town during one of my son's games or events. On the phone later that night, my wife and my son will tell me all about it. But somehow, it just isn't the same.

There is no way to describe seeing my son John serve six consecutive times to lead his volleyball team to victory. The action of the game, the emotion of the players, the mounting pressure of each consecutive serve, how do you relate all that in words? The answer is obvious, you can't. You had to have been there to experience it.

The same was true with the Canadian Centennial Celebration, June 1-4 in Toronto, Canada. You can read all about it in this issue, but if you weren't there, it's difficult to adequately relate the experience. You didn't feel the incredible national pride as the Canadian anthem played. You missed the building excitement in the moments before the chiropractic stamp booklet was unveiled. You didn't see all the old friends and relive the "old days." You may be able to read about it, but the reality is -- you missed it.

Chances are you aren't on your way to the Chiropractic Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C. For some reason, you've convinced yourself that you don't need to be there. You may even be convinced that you won't really miss anything. Who are you trying to kid?

The whole spectrum of chiropractic will be celebrated and you won't be there to drink a toast or join in the applause. The chiropractic documentary will be shown for the first time, and you won't see it. The Pointer Sisters will perform for a chiropractic-only audience, but you won't hear it. History will be made and you won't be a part of it.

Depending on when you read this, it is probably next to impossible to change your mind. You've missed it.

You Only Have One Chance Left: The Grand Finale!

We've saved the best for last. The Chiropractic Centennial Grand Finale will begin on the eve of our 100th birthday (September 13-17). Yes, you can still register -- despite rumors to the contrary. But do it now.

Call toll free, 1-800-DC4-1995 with your credit card ready and tell them that you don't want to be left out. Tell them you want to experience all the speakers, entertainers, and most of all the Grand Gala -- chiropractic's big birthday party.

Then, when you pick up your issue of Dynamic Chiropractic to read about the Grand Finale, you can say: "I know what it was like, I was there." Instead of looking at the pictures and trying to understand what happened, you'll be scrutinizing the photos, looking for familiar faces, and perhaps spot yourself experiencing a rare moment in chiropractic's history.

You've got to be there!

DMP Jr., BS, HCD(hc)

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