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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 3, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 14

Dr. Harris Vows to Match Donations to Televise Chiropractic Documentary

The Centennial Challenge

By William Harris, DC
Close your eyes, please. Now, in your mind's eye, picture the day you entered chiropractic college. Were you excited, fearful, full of hope? Think for just a moment with eyes still closed, visualize how far you and your colleagues have come in the profession.

Did you ever consider that you and I owe a debt to our profession for all it has given to us?

Because of the sacrifices of our chiropractic pioneers, we are enjoying many benefits today. In early practice, I was near going broke. Early one morning on bended knees, I made a solemn promise that if I was guided to success, I would devote a portion of my life and monies by forming a nonprofit foundation to better serve the profession which I felt privileged to serve. I never, ever, lost sight of my promise. With time and effort, I began to prosper.

To date, I have given nearly $4,000,000 to colleges and research. Our centennial celebration is an indication that chiropractic is here to stay!

The celebration of the chiropractic centennial will have, with your financial help, an hour long television documentary. It is to be aired on major TV stations across the United States. Richard Flaherty, chairman of the centennial sponsorship committee and Don Petersen Jr., editor/publisher of Dynamic Chiropractic were in my office recently to tell me about this venture. It will be the first TV production "telling the truth." It will be viewed in major TV markets. Think of the exposure and what it will mean to attract new patients to you. (It's taken a while but we are getting there, agreed?)

All I have or ever hope to have, I owe to chiropractic; the board of directors of the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education (FACE) feels so strongly about the total importance of this TV production for chiropractic that we have given $300,000 towards the completion of this film.

What will you give? The success is in the hands of the individual chiropractor.

The Centennial Challenge is Simple:
Based on a cascading scale, beginning at 25 percent of the first $100,000 raised, Dr. Harris has agreed to increase the percentage of FACE's contribution as follows, up to a total of $300,000:
Level Necessary to Obtain Dr. Harris/FACE Funding Matching Funding from Dr. Harris/FACE Cascading Percentage
$100,000 $25,000 25%
$150,000 $75,000 50%
$200,000 $150,000 75%
$50,000 $50,000 100%
------------------------------- --------------------------  
$500,000 $300,000

"On the plains of indecision, bleach the bones of countless millions, who, on the dawn of victory -- hesitated -- and while hesitating died." Act now, today! Don't give until it hurts -- give until it feels GOOD!

William Harris, DC
Alpharetta, Georgia

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