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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 3, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 14

DCs Volunteer, Donate Funds to Oklahoma City Relief Efforts

By Editorial Staff
Chiropractic alumni and students volunteered their time and donated money in the rescue and relief efforts in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City alumni Marilyn Santelli, Richard Santelli, David Batencourt, Jill Batencourt, Scott Owens, and Frank Starns were among the many DCs delivering care to rescue workers in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Jill Batencourt, DC, spoke of the spirit of cooperation between the DCs working at the disaster site: "I was proud of all the chiropractors who volunteered their time. It was neat to have a lot of different chiropractors working side by side."

"Everyone involved with helping at the different locations in the city deserves a standing ovation. I have never been involved with so many professionals with only one thing in mind: helping others," offered Volunteer Michael Spears, DC, a Parker graduate.

Students at Palmer College of Chiropractic West conducted a series of fundraisers on behalf of the families of the bombing. Student Sandi Bedient coordinated the fundraising projects, including cash donations from each class, and a bake sale. The students' efforts raised $1,400, a total matched by the Palmer West administration. On May 5th, students presented a check for $2,800 to the American Red Cross during Palmer West's All-College Assembly.


National Cable TV Program Visits Palmer College

The "Breakfast Time" program of the national cable network fX filmed live footage from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport on May 1st. Palmer faculty and students working in the Palmer College main clinic demonstrated chiropractic techniques and discussed chiropractic care during the segments. The show was aired on May 1st between 5:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. (CDT) to an audience of approximately 21 million people.

There were several "teasers" or previews for the program, and two longer broadcast pieces. In the first segment, "Breakfast Time" host Jillian Hamilton interviewed Drs. Clay McDonald and Larry Swank, both faculty members, and their students Scott Kaplan and Todd Whitehead. In the second piece, Jillian Hamilton observed four rooms in which externs, under the supervision of faculty members, demonstrated upper cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and extremities techniques. The externs were Molly King, Elisabeth Aas-Jakobsen, Todd Farris, Rick Nash, and Todd Stinson.


NCMIC Board Members Elected

Dr. Louis Sportelli, of Palmerton, Pennsylvania, has been elected new president of the National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC), and Dr. Marino Passero, of Norwalk, Connecticut has been elected senior vice president.

Three board members, Drs. Arnold Cianciulli, Jerilynn Kaibel, and Stephen Owens have all been re-elected.


Chiropractor Volunteers for SMART Mission to Guatemala

Thomas Duke, DC, of Kansas City, Missouri, departed June 8th on a mission to help children in Atitlan, Guatemala. Dr. Duke is a volunteer for Surgical and Medical Assistance Relief Teams (SMART), a not-for-profit organization. Each relief team consists of 14-40 members who donate their time, and pay for all of their own expenses. On this trip, Dr. Duke was the only chiropractor. He performed approximately 50-60 adjustments each day.

SMART needs volunteers to help in several ways: individuals may become team members and assist with the operations, or they may recruit materials and funds for the missions. Anyone interested in helping SMART may contact Teresa Searcy at (913) 338-2800.


DC Wins Arthritis Foundation Journalism Award

Dr. David Ryan, a Palmer graduate from Columbus, Ohio, was the recipient of the Arthritis Foundation's Russell L. Cecil Medical Journalism Award (magazine). The awards, which were established in 1956, encourage and acknowledge outstanding coverage about arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation. Dr. Ryan was recognized for his article, "Training with Arthritis," published in Muscle and Fitness, a magazine with a worldwide circulation of 7.6 million people.


DCs Treat Athletes at Taekwondo National Championship

On April 20-22, chiropractors James Kontaratos, Michael Smith, Ed Travis, Richard Lawlor, Kurt Juergens, Tim Wakefield, and Carl Heigl treated competitors at the 21st Annual Taekwondo National Championship in Houston, Texas as part of a multidisciplinary medical staff. The other members of the medical team included two MDs and one athletic trainer. Ten students from the Texas Chiropractic College's ACA Student Council on Sports Injuries were at the championship to take notes on treatment methods. The championship was the qualifying competition for the Olympic team trials.

Any DCs interested in treating taekwondo competitors should send a curriculum vitae along with a picture to Dr. Carl Heigl at 5343 Douglas Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin 53402.


Cleveland-KC Student Competes in World Cup Fencing Competitions

Peter Cox, a Cleveland, Kansas City student, was one of the four US fencers to compete in two recent World Cup "A" Fencing Tournaments in Warsaw, Poland and Madrid, Spain. On May 13-14 in Warsaw, Peter was one of the US fencers facing 100 international competitors from Russia, Great Britain, Italy, France, Australia, Germany, Romania, and Hungary. Peter finished second among US fencers, and 68th overall. In Madrid on May 20-21, facing many of the same international competitors, captured the top US finish and 51st place overall.

Peter will be competing this month in the World Championships in Hague, Holland, and the US Olympic Festival in Boulder, Colorado; in August he will participate in the World University Games in Fukuoka, Japan.


Northwestern Opens New Clinic

This month, Northwestern College of Chiropractic is opening a chiropractic clinic in the Spine Health Center, which adjoins Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The college has signed a lease for approximately 1,000 square feet, with room for future expansion. Northwestern's President Dr. John Allenburg said that he hoped the college's students will perform internships at the clinic that will provide them "with a model for interdisciplinary care that they can learn from."

Dr. Joyce Miller, dean of clinics for Northwestern, said, "We would like to be able to rotate all of our students through this clinic during their stay at Northwestern," said Dr. Joyce Miller, dean of clinics at Northwestern. "We will establish a mentor model for student learning, and staff the clinic with two doctors of chiropractic. Dr. Miller noted the clinic's close proximity to the hospital will make it easier for doctors at Abbott-Northwestern to refer patients for chiropractic care at the clinic.

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