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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 27, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 05

Chiropractors and the Info Superhighway

By Jan M. Corwin, DC, CCSP, President of the ACA Council on Sports Injuries
Chiropractors, like any other group, need to become more aware of the information superhighway. It has multidimensional and multipurpose functions that can increase every chiropractor's communication skills and knowledge. The ability to stay abreast of daily changes and updates in topics that affect their practices and daily lives is available. You can access bulletin boards that are chiropractic/science related, write letters and send them anywhere (e-mail), advertise, and exchange ideas with fellow chiropractors anywhere in the world.

The information superhighway is a term that everyone from Vice President Al Gore to songwriter Rupert Holmes has popularized, and can be read about almost daily in any newspaper.

The info superhighway in reality is the Internet. The Internet is the technopathway of the future. Over the telephone lines of the world, information can be accessed and interacted from literally tens of thousands of databases and bulletin boards.

Chiropractors, like everyone else, need to become more acquainted with this technology and method of communicating. There are many avenues to enter the info superhighway. There is software that enables you to go directly into the mainstream of the Internet, or if you choose, there are companies like Prodigy, America Online, and CompuServe which make it easier to navigate and are graphically pleasing. Prodigy boasts the largest number of subscribers at over 2.1 million. No matter which service you choose, you will be overwhelmed with the information available.

All of the services that utilize the Internet have e-mail capabilities and are all compatible. So it really doesn't matter which one you subscribe to because you can send e-mail to anyone, anytime, anywhere. This article, for example, was composed in Microsoft Word, attached to e-mail in Prodigy, and sent to Dynamic Chiropractic via America Online.

This article is meant to be a cursory introduction to the Internet and act as a stimulus to chiropractors around the world who want to communicate on the e-mail info superhighway.

Jan Corwin
Oakland, California

Editor's note: Thanks go to Dr. Corwin for illustrating the usefulness of online networking. The Internet address for the editorial department at "DC" is ).

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