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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 30, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 03

Students Lament the "Teach Out" at Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff
Student interns at the Health Center of Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic, with a Chiropractic Centennial poster as a backdrop, discuss their future. (See "Board Seeks to Save Penn. College of Chiropractic" in the January 16, 1995 issue of "DC.")


Ron Tripp, DC, of Norman, Oklahoma.

Dr. Tripp and his opponent grapple for victory.

DC Wins at World Sombo Wrestling Championships

Dr. Ron Tripp captured the world heavyweight championship at the International Federation of Amateur Sombo Wrestling World Championships in Montreal, Canada. A 41-year-old seven-time world team member, Dr. Tripp has captured three silver and two bronze medals in previous competitions. In Montreal, Dr. Tripp defeated 24-year-old Canadian National Judo champion Andrew Bordeau in a sudden death bout -- even with Bordeau outweighing him by 65 pounds! Dr. Tripp won the U.S. Olympic Festival judo title earlier this year, for his eighth consecutive medal.


About as far afield from chiropractic as you can get, but non-the-less interesting, PhDs Gregory Fahy, and Steven Novil demonstrate some new and unusual ideas in biotechnology: a brain resuscitation/brain cooling device and "vitrification," a process for the long-term cryopreservation of organs.


Interdisciplinary Conference on Anti-Aging

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Over 1,500 physicians, scientists, and lay people from around the world gathered in this gambling capital December 4-6 for the 2nd Annual Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technology, making it the largest international conference ever held in this developing field of medical research.

"This event represents not simply a revolution in modern medicine, but an evolution for humankind as a whole," said Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, one of the sponsors of the conference. "It is invaluable both to the health professionals trying to stay abreast of the latest anti-aging research, and to members of the public interested in how these enormously powerful new technologies can help prolong and enhance their lives today."

It's being projected that average human life span will surpass 85 years by 2010, and that life spans exceeding 120 years will not be that uncommon in the next century.

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