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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 16, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 02

Life Commemorates 20 Years

22 Students in 1974 -- 4,000 Today

By Editorial Staff
Alumni and friends of Life gathered at the college November 4-6 for a 20th anniversary celebration held concurrently with the homecoming.

Life's founder and President Dr.

Sid Williams set the tone for the "Toast the 20th" celebration with a keynote address to the crowd of 2,000. Dr. Williams extended special recognition to those students, faculty, administrators, staff, and trustees who were with the college on "day one," and reminded the alumni of the importance of their profession: "The world is awaiting you now. As B.J. said, 'It (chiropractic) is bigger than law. It's bigger than medicine. It's the biggest idea that I know of.' That idea built Life College."


Kentuckiana Children's Center Celebrates 38th Year

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- October 21, 1994 marked the beginning of the Kentuckiana Children's Center 38th year of providing care and services to children with special needs. The center's founder Dr. Lorraine Golden addressed a group of staff and volunteers, thanking them for all the time they have devoted to helping children. "The most powerful word in this world is 'love,'" she said. "It is so easy to give love."

Dr. Golden's dream is to build a world-class facility that will offer interdisciplinary care to 1,000 special needs children each year. Kentuckiana currently cares for 350 children each year with no direct state or federal support, relying primarily on donations. The staff of 38 employees includes five full-time DCs.

Joan Partridge, DC, the center's director of health services, summed up the celebration succinctly: "It's ... been my privilege to be here 32 years. The center has been the love of my life."


CCCKC Receives Portion of Major Research Funding

The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) and the National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC) awarded $441,000 to Dr. Ronald Rupert of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City (CCCKC), and Abt Associates Inc., an international science research firm for a two-year research project, "The Role of Chiropractic as Primary Care Gatekeeper."

The research project will study two rural and two urban underserved communities to determine:

  • the role of DCs as primary care providers;


  • current roles and models for chiropractors in primary care and identify barriers and opportunities;


  • how well the chiropractic colleges are preparing their students to deliver primary care; develop a profile of chiropractic maintenance care patients to assess their health status;


  • attitudes and activities of patients and payers regarding expanding the role of DCs in primary care.

Practitioners from chiropractic colleges and medical schools will be compared on their ability and disposition to deliver primary care services. The study will include a test of the students' knowledge and capacities in primary care.

"The project, depending on its outcome, will be important for the future role of chiropractic," said Dr. Rupert, a 1981 graduate of CCCKC. "We have a deficiency in the number of primary care providers in the United States and the government is looking for other resources to assume this role."

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