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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 2, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 01

MD/DC/PT Rehab Center

By Daniel Dahan, DC
How many DCs have treated patients with love, compassion, and great results and expected to be reasonably compensated, yet were very disappointed when the payments finally arrived. How many DCs have been told by insurance companies that there was an 80/20 coverage only to find that after the insurance company reviewed the file, the patient's treatment was not medically necessary, or the diagnosis was not appropriate for the treatment plan, or better yet, the patient had exhausted their chiropractic coverage.

There is a growing group of chiropractors that have combined their practices with medical doctors and have found that most of their insurance problems have been greatly resolved. Indeed, a multidisciplinary approach to the chiropractic profession is a very popular way to practice. The basic concept is that a chiropractor and a medical doctor join forces and are able to render treatment under one roof with the greatest benefits to the chiropractor. Although there are very specific legal ramifications that need to be addressed, the concept follows a model and practical medical protocol which the insurance companies are determined to follow.

There are many advantages to creating a MD/DC/PP rehab center: the patient, the most important asset of your practice, and your future, as well as the future of chiropractic.


  • Hardly any limit on treatment and/or authorization of treatment. The doctor is able to administer the most intensive care without the fear of not getting paid for the services rendered. The doctor can spend more time treating the patient and less time being a business man.


  • Patients who did not have chiropractic coverage are now able to come and see the DC.


  • Your in-house MD would be able to refer all of his patients to you, the DC.


  • The medical community would have greater respect and would refer to this multidisciplinary clinic for all musculoskeletal patients, again greater exposure for the chiropractic patients.


  • For years insurance companies have been taught that only MDs and PTs can really help the patients. A MD/DC/PT clinic would offer just that, plus chiropractic.


  • There will be higher reimbursement on almost all counts.


  • You'll have umbrella liability under the Medical Practice Act.


  • You'll have a higher income.


  • With the new integrated health care reform, the DC would be well equipped to compete in the medical market.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this approach is that the DC has control of his multidisciplinary center, and all of this is done legally.

I have been practicing this way for over six years, and have taught this concept to doctors around the country. As a practicing chiropractic physician, I encounter the limits of chiropractic coverage, and the limits insurance companies are putting on health care on a daily basis. The multidisciplinary approach has enabled me to practice with a much greater profit with less restrictions; my patients, my most important asset, have benefited immensely.

Because I practice full-time and have since I graduated, I'm well aware of the everyday changes the insurance companies are bringing. I am convinced that the only way to practice today is to join forces with the MDs, PTs, and the rest of the medical community to treat as many patients as possible the chiropractic way, without discrimination. I want to get paid for my services, a very reasonable request and a definite possibility. Hundreds of patients, respect, results, getting paid for all my work, and all under my control -- can you think of a better way to practice?

Daniel Dahan, DC
Long Beach, California

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