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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 20, 1996, Vol. 14, Issue 11

Slaughter's Last Words

NACM Founder Writes His "Last Newsletter"

By Editorial Staff
It began in mid-1984 when Ronald L. Slaughter, DC, and two office partners founded the non-profit National Association of Chiropractic Medicine (NACM). And while the NACM never achieved a large membership, it did claim some short-lived success when it became the Orthopractic Manipulation Society (USA).

Among his accomplishments, Dr. Slaughter lists acting as a consultant for the American Medical Association's attorney during the Wilk, et al. antitrust trial, and contributing to the "Position Paper on Chiropractic" published by the National Council Against Health Fraud.

But the "founder, chairman of the board and past president" has apparently written his last official NACM fax-letter, according to his comments in a two page fax-letter. The gist of his message is presented in the letter's last three paragraphs, complete with his parenthetical comments:

"This will be my last newsletter for the foreseeable future. I have been given many tasks which, I believe, will further my interest in bringing manipulative procedures into mainstream healthcare. It is my hope that chiropractors will be the one to provide these services. The NACM has provided you with the framework and the recognition to build upon to act toward the 'revision' of the chiropractic profession toward scientific parameters. If YOU fail to act upon these countless hours of work YOU have no one to blame but yourself.

"Those of you working with Dr.'s Robertson and DuVall toward State organization need to, jointly, work toward a meeting at some location for an annual meeting and officer selection. I will remain as honorary Chairman of the Board, as voted on many years ago. But, I will no longer have the time to act in the capacity as `secretary-treasurer' as I have done for some years now (with no pay and less gratitude). My successor will need a computer, scanner and be very computer literate to run all the programs necessary.

"Dr. Robertson will write the June newsletter which he will forward to me to fax to all membership. Dr. DuVall will write the Sept. issue. Hopefully, by then, a meeting can be arranged and officers selected. The June newsletter will include a new membership application for fiscal year 1996-7. All licensed chiropractors will have to become `voting' (membership paid) members in fiscal year 1996-7. Only non chiropractors or students can qualify for `supporting' (no fee) membership."

Can the NACM continue to function without Dr. Slaughter's efforts? Only time will tell.


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