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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 31, 1997, Vol. 15, Issue 12

Endurance and Strength Enhancement

By Frank King, DC
Endurance and strength training has become an accepted necessity for achieving good health and feeling your best. However, injury or lack of results can quickly inhibit or even put a stop to a well intended fitness program. Homeopathy is an ideal complement to the most effective chiropractic approach for these problems. Homeopathy can powerfully aid the doctor of chiropractic with the most effective management of muscle, joint, tendon, ligament and disc injuries. Homeopathy helps maximize oxygen uptake, endurance, strength and muscle gain, while minimizing exercise recovery time, soreness, and chance of injury.

As a doctor equipped with the correct homeopathic formulas and basic procedures, you can dynamically enhance your patient's physical abilities. While your patients are attempting to do all they can externally, you can maximize their body's ability to do all it can internally!

Your patients who work out on a regular basis will praise you for the quick results homeopathy will have on their performance. These patients are regularly measuring their performance and easily notice the advances their bodies make with homeopathy. These patients are very thankful for the added results from their hard efforts. They are enthusiastic and usually refer many enthusiastic patients like themselves.

Homeopathy properly applied to a good chiropractic management program will provide a valued and respected service to your community and beyond. Consider the following homeopathic formula categories to provide many answers for the sports enthusiast to the weekend warrior. Most homeopathic companies will have products relating to the following categories:

Homeopathic Formula Categories Indications for Use
Muscle & joint injury Enhance body's healing responses
Sports enhancement endurance, decreases Enhances physical strength, recovery time and soreness
Muscle growth enhancement Enhance muscle gain, strength, endurance

Back & neck pain For neck & back injury, pain & weakness
Calcium metabolism Enhances vital calcium metabolism and usage
Sciatica For sciatic nerve irritations
TMJ formula For temporal mandibular joint or jaw problems
Anxiety formula For fear, anxiety, stage fright or performance anxiety

Appetite/weight control For sluggish metabolism & excessive appetite
Bone strength For poor bone mineralization

These type of homeopathic products can greatly enhance your chiropractic practice. The speed of recovery which your patients experience will greatly be enhanced with the internal restorative powers of homeopathy working for you while the patient is out of your office. Homeopathy effectively broadens your scope of practice. The more you're able to help people, the more people will desire and seek your services. The more people who seek your services, the bigger your practice will grow. The bigger your practice grows, the greater your personal reward of helping people, the stronger chiropractic becomes, and the better this world in which we live.

Homeopathy can greatly enhance the hands of the chiropractor to quickly and more completely overcome a sports injury. Improvement in clinical signs and symptoms such as pain, swelling, inflammation and stiffness are often noticed within a few minutes of taking the appropriate homeopathic formula. It is a comforting experience to know your patient will rise from the table feeling better.

In my practice, I test and apply the correct homeopathic formula under the patient's tongue immediately after assessing the problem. I can say with great confidence that the homeopathic formula is working to maximize internal correction of damaged tissues while I am performing my hands-on chiropractic care. What an ally homeopathy is to chiropractic. Moreover, the homeopathic formula will be continually correcting damaged tissues night and day until the next visit. The added results of homeopathy will make your work easier with better results.

Frank J. King Jr., ND, DC
Asheville, North Carolina

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