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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 13, 1998, Vol. 16, Issue 15

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"Shame on You"

Dear Editor:

Shame on you. The headline you put on Jake Ladenheim's article ("MD/DC Practices: Not to Worry, Just Hide Your Assets") scared about 4,000 integrated practices.

My phone hasn't stopped ringing since you published it.

Most of the article was extremely informative, and Jake Ladenheim certainly provided an insight on how the doctor can protect himself against past misdoings. Integration is legal. Only the consultants and the doctors can make it illegal.

However, based upon what some of the consultants are teaching, maybe it was a good thing that you published Mr. Ladenheim's article in the June 15th issue of Dynamic Chiropractic. There are several nationally recognized consultants that have set up their clients for disaster while the consultants sit in their accounting house lavishing over the money that was charged for misinformation. I feel sorry for the doctors, but I still don't like any article that even implies that it is wrong for a chiropractor who is an entrepreneur to own or manage medical integrated practices. Someone needs to think of the patient and the tremendous benefits of having the medical doctor and chiropractor working in the same clinic.

Roland Ashby, Sr.
CEO, Practice Solutions Network
Evansville, Indiana


Prescription Drugs Undermine the "Importance of the Chiropractic Adjustment"

Dear Editor:

I don't feel that it is appropriate to even have a poll to find out how many doctors of chiropractic want the ability to prescribe OTC medication. It goes against everything that this profession stands for and was founded on. I feel it only puts wrong ideas into the minds of doctors of chiropractic who are unsure of the decisions that they made in life. If they wanted to become medical doctors, then they should have gone to medical school. Now that these people are chiropractors, they should concentrate their energies on chiropractic, not acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, ... the list goes on and on.

Do these folks not value the importance of the chiropractic adjustment? 7th semester chiropractic student National College of Chiropractic Lombard, Illinois

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