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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 26, 1999, Vol. 17, Issue 16

Chiropractic and Sports around the World

Report from the Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique Sportive (FICS)

By Thomas E. Hyde, DC, DACBSP
This report represents only a few of the happenings around the world involving DCs who treat athletes. The opportunities for chiropractors to treat competitors at sporting events continue to grow and be accepted, and FICS has helped lead the way.

Sporting News in South Africa

I'd like to share some of FICS' experiences pertaining to the high competitive level of sports and the ongoing involvement of the Technikon Natal Chiropractic Student Sports Association. Under the leadership of several qualified Kwa Zulu Natal doctors of chiropractic, the students have had vast opportunities to assist in diagnosis, treatment plans and rehabilitation of athletes at national and international events.

Sports in South Africa is serious business and serious fun. The country has hosted several international sporting competitions over the past three years, and the organizers are eager to have chiropractic care for their athletes.

South African rugby players are known as some of the best athletes in the world. In 1997, players from the Springbok and Shark rugby teams were introduced to chiropractic, and the Sharks now have a team chiropractor for their players. South Africa held the international under-17 age group rugby competitions in 1998, with the chiropractic sports team available every day for evaluations and treatments.

Durban, South Africa was host for the Gunston 500 International Surfing Competition in 1998. (Editor's note: See "Surfin' South Africa" in the July 27, 1998 DC Archives on Surfers from around the globe came to compete. Of course, the chiropractic team of clinicians and students were there to work on the surfers and the beach volleyball players. The atmosphere was brilliant for this event: the warm climate, the Indian Ocean, the competitors and the thousands of spectators combined to create in an electric event. The major areas of chiropractic involvement were for muscle work and adjustments for the shoulders, mid-back and neck areas, although all musculoskeletal areas were involved over the week.

The Comrades Marathon is a grueling 50-mile race which runs from Peitermaritzberg to Durban one year, and is run in the reverse direction the next year. Runners progress from sea level to an altitude of more than 2,000 feet. The Chiropractic Sports Association was on hand to assist the injuries and fatigue that occurred during this race.

Cricket is a popular sport here, but softball is catching on like wildfire. The national softball tournament was held in Shongweni in 1998, with over 600 athletes participating. The Student Chiropractic Sports Association set up tents to treat the participants at the tournament. These clinicians and students saw a wide range of conditions and injuries, some acute and many chronic. The week was filled with patients and education on how the game is played. There were over 600 players treated, with many of the athletes evaluated and treated from head to toe.

Medical coordinators would contact Dr. Brian Nook at the Technikon for assistance at their events. The clinicians and students worked the events as volunteers.

Other events between 1997 and 1999 with chiropractic's presence included: the National Fencing Tournament; Veterans National Tennis Tournament; Powerlifting National Championships; National Championship Gymnastics and National Swimming; and the Diving and Water Polo Championships. These organizations have sought out the Chiropractic Student Sports Association and the clinicians to be the vital medical team for their events every year.


Dr. Enrique Benet-Canut,BBS,DC, FICS vice president and regional coordinator for Latin America, reports that a letter he received from the diving federation in Mexico authorizes his country's association to treat the Mexican divers. He has also signed an agreement with the Mexican swimming federation to supply chiropractic services.

He discussed the 2001 FICS Symposium scheduled for Mexico. Many important people will be invited to attend, and Dr. Benet-Canut is currently looking for a location and hotel property. The possibilities include Mexico City, Cancun and Puerta Vallarta; the probable dates are February 22 to March 3, 2001. The Latin American Chiropractic Association would meet at the same time.

Note: Dr. Benet-Canut and Dr. Noel Patterson of Australia represented FICS at the World Federation of Chiropractic Congress in New Zealand.


There are a number of CCSPs in Japan and more to come soon. The next General Association of Sports Federations (GAISF) will meet in Japan later this year. FICS continues to be present at these important meetings where we have made valuable contacts over the years.


Dr. Noel Patterson, DC,CCSP,FICC, the immediate past president of FICS, has worked tirelessly over the last few years in an attempt to have chiropractors included in the Polyclinic in Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games. To date, many letters have been written and meetings have occurred, but at this time, it does not appear that all the hard work will pay off.

Nevertheless, Dr. Patterson and others will not stop trying to have us included. Dr. Patterson reported that the Chiropractic Association of Australia Sports Council (CAASC) is trying to get an Australian chiropractor on the official Australian medical team for Sydney.
Dr. Dale Richardson continues to make headlines while traveling around the world treating many of the world's top golfers. The Australians DCs have been very busy working many events this year as always.

Great Britain

Dr. Alyson Wreford reports that the British Chiropractic Sports Council has been formed. At this time, the BCSC officers will become the first Fellows of the Sports Faculty through the College of Chiropractors, which will be the equivalent of the Royal Colleges of Medicine. The DCs in Great Britain will be covering the World Veterans' Athletic Championships. We congratulate Dr. Wreford and the other board members and the individual members and wish them all the best.

Hong Kong

Dr. David Cossman reports that DCs there are currently setting up a sports council; a full report will be included at a later date.


FICS President Daniele Bertamini, DC, who is also the FICS regional coordinator for southern Europe, has been working on providing chiropractic coverage around the world for the Italian waterskiing athletes. He has also managed to have coverage at a variety of other events.
Dr. Roland Noirat, FICS director-general, continues his efforts in Lausanne, Switzerland with the IOC and various events. Denmark seems to be showing some interest in forming a sports council. This year, there will be a number of weightlifting and powerlifting meets throughout Europe and FICS will provide coverage.


Canada will have two chiropractors providing their services at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg this summer. Dr. Lawrence Slewtowitz will help coordinate chiropractic coverage at the Polyclinic and will be able to utilize around 30 chiropractors. We congratulate him and all the others who have been involved in this endeavor.

If you are interested in what is happening around the world in chiropractic, get involved. Come to the FICS Symposium and meet chiropractors from around the world who share your same devotion to treating athletes. Learn from some of the best in the field.

Champagne Sports Congress

This August, the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) and FICS will be the host for the world to enjoy a taste of Africa with the "Champagne Sports Congress." It will be held in Durban and the Drakensberg Mountains. Many international chiropractors will lecture on a wide variety of topics. For a brochure and registration form, contact:

Richard Rosenkoetter at
fax: (404) 233-2441



Fax: (011) 27-31-202-8829


The trip to South Africa will not be over after the congress. We will continue the adventure by providing chiropractors for the 7th All African Games to be held in Johannesburg September 9-19. This event is geared toward doctors with stamina. We begin treatments of athletes early in the morning and will not finish until after dark. Approximately 6,000 athletes from every country in Africa will compete in these games. There are a wide variety of sports involved, including athletics, boxing, judo, swimming, netball, gymnastics and many others.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, please e-mail or fax your mailing address to:

Dr. Brian Nook
Box 369, Schaller, IA 51053
fax: (712)275-4736


I would like to thank both Dr. Debbie Nook and Dr. Brian Nook for providing the above information. Come join us in South Africa and have the experience of a lifetime.

FICS Board Update

The FICS Board met in Miami, Florida on April 24-25, 1999. One of the topics discussed was the 2000 Symposium. FICS will hold the 2000 Symposium in the Orlando, Florida area and will host the International Chiropractic Sports Festival and Symposium. This event will feature competitions between individual chiropractors and teams. Some of the sports include 3-man basketball; 10 person softball (at least three women must be on the field at all times); swimming; golf; tennis; football (soccer); a 5K event; bike time trials; and others. Additionally, a form of Jeopardy will be played, with teams playing win for their respective organizations.

The American Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness (ACA-SC) has agreed to participate as well as ProSports. Other groups have been invited but have yet to confirm. These include the International Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Sciences, the Care of the Elite Athlete (CEPA) and Life College of Chiropractic. Australia has indicated they are interested in participating, and we are also awaiting word from the Canadian Sports Chiropractic Group.

Any group interested in participating should contact Tom Hyde,DC, at 305-931-8311. The event is currently scheduled for the beginning of August, 2000. We are planning to have exhibitors and sponsors in addition to the competitions and classes. We are working on having the program count for CEUs and will ask the ACBSP Board to allow credits toward the CCSP and DACBSP requirements for CEUs.

Plan now to attend and bring the family. There are always lots of activities around Orlando for the entire family. Stay tuned for further information.


About the author: Tom Hyde,DC, DACB,FICC, is the secretary-general of FICS. He is a member of the Florida Olympics and Pan American Games Task Force, a 17-member group created by the Florida Legislature to help bring the Pan American Games to the Sunshine State. Dr. Hyde was appointed to that position in July 1997 for a four-year term by Daniel Webster, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.

Dr. Thomas E. Hyde is a graduate of Florida State University and Logan College of Chiropractic.


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