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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 5, 1999, Vol. 17, Issue 08

Dis-Ease in CCE: Is There a Subluxation in the House?

By Reed Phillips, DC, PhD

"Health is wholeness, or 100 percent of expression if intelligence through matter. When the Triune of Life is perfect, health is perfect ... It can be stated that health is harmony: the maximum state of organization in which every cell is harmoniously functioning to fulfill its purpose for the benefit of the entire organism.

"Dis-ease is nothing more nor less than a lack of organization or order. The total being is either in orderly, organized harmony or dis-ease.

"Dis-ease, dis-harmony or dis-order are all one and the same thing. They are but the functional manifestations of a single fact. The Triune of Life has been violated ... Unless and until the Triune of Life is restored to its natural perfection, life must, of necessity, be diminished. This is the principle of chiropractic."1

These words have been quoted from The Triune of Life, written by Reggie Gold, DC as part of his requirements for obtaining his PhC from Palmer College in 1961. This treatise is about chiropractic as a philosophical construct or "chiropractic philosophy." This philosophical construct is founded upon deductive reasoning, or "... the process of studying known facts and self-evident truths and, from them, arriving at inescapable conclusions ..."2

Dr. Gold then describes the major premise, which "... is the starting point from which all deductions are made."3

"... the major premise of chiropractic is that there is a universal intelligence in all matter, constantly giving to it all of its properties and activities, thus maintaining it in existence."4

Dr. Gold expands his explanation of the Triune of Life by defining "living things" as those which exhibit the following "signs of life":

  1. Assimilation
  2. Excretion
  3. Adaptability
  4. Growth
  5. Reproduction5

He further postulates that living things are at a higher level of intelligence, e.g., "... the ability of the living to reorganize itself intelligently. It has an inborn or innate intelligence ..."6 (emphasis added). This innate intelligence, according to Dr. Gold, is "...always 100 percent present and functioning 100 percent ... will always act in the best interest of that body at all times, limited only by the matter with which it has to work ..."7

This intelligence, combined with matter, form two elements of the Triune of Life. The third element connecting intelligence with matter is "force." In the words of Dr. Gold, "Life ... is not the presence of intelligence and matter, but the expression of intelligence through matter."8

Life, then, is the result of perfect innate intelligence generating a perfect force that is transmitted via mental impulses to govern matter. Anything short of perfection or wholeness or harmony is due to the limitations of matter, the only element in the Triune of Life that can be less than 100 percent. Matter is the fallible portion of the Triune of Life. Hence, the presence of a "subluxation" alters the transmission of mental impulses and thereby decreases the degree of expression of 100 percent perfect innate intelligence through fallible matter and disease ensues.

The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE)

The CCE is an organization. Sociologically speaking, it is a living organization. Throughout its history, it has exhibited four of the five "signs of life" provided by Dr. Gold. The CCE has assimilated a broad diversity of thought, expression and personalities. It has also excreted some unwanted elements within its matrix. CCE has demonstrated great adaptability through continued modification of its structure and standards. And finally, it has certainly experienced well-defined growth by expanding to include all chiropractic colleges in the U.S. The one "sign of life" not yet demonstrated by CCE is reproduction.

While the CCE has experienced its share of turmoil and disruption over the years, it has been a healthy, viable force for good in the profession. Currently, the CCE is experiencing some disharmony, some disorder, some disease. It is not my intent to expand upon my perceptions or opinions regarding the internal affairs of the CCE. After all, some of you may accuse me of lying.

There is a message that would like to share as I continue to enhance the allegory of CCE as a living organism within the context of the Triune of Life philosophy expressed by Dr. Gold.

The presence of disease (disharmony) provides the basis upon which one can deductively determine that the force or mental impulses generated by the innate intelligence within the CCE is being hindered. Hence, the disease and disorder is the result of a diminished degree of expression of innate intelligence.

From a chiropractic point of view, we must do an analysis to identify if a subluxation is present and impeding the flow of mental impulses. We generally speak of a subluxation as a "bone out of place," although many other definitions do exist. This discodant vertebra(e), when it impedes the flow of mental impulses, is the cause of disease. A discordant member or members of the CCE could likewise impede the flow of CCE's innate mental forces and be the cause of disharmony or disease.

Chiropractically speaking, we adjust the subluxation. This specific adjustment introduces specific forces into the spine that allow innate intelligence to reorder the discordant vertebra(e) and re-establish the flow of mental impulses to the body. Hence, CCE should "adjust" those discordant members and allow the innate intelligence of the organization to restore harmony.

The challenge lies in the determination of "who" is the discordant member(s) of the CCE and what makes them discordant. Unfortunately, until universal intelligence reveals who is or is not discordant, or what is or is not discordant within the living social organization of CCE, we are forced to rely upon our own educated mind, which, according to Dr. Gold, "Its quality and quantity vary greatly from person to person."9 It is not 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time. In other words, we may make an error in judgement if we rely upon our own educated wisdom.

There is, however, an exit point in this dilemma without disrupting the philosophy of the Triune of Life. The fifth "sign of life" is reproduction. If the CCE cannot agree upon who is discordant (who is the subluxation), then perhaps the organism (organization) should subdivide into two sub-organizations, each drawing unto itself its own structure and standards. From a social point of view, two sub-organizations can exist under the umbrella of a CCE. These two categories could have their own unique set of parameters (their own innate intelligence) that would allow them to function in a separate but related relationship.

What is now a subluxation in a conjoined organization could then exist in a normal state within its own organizational perceptions. With the subluxation removed, mental impulses could flow freely, disease and disharmony would be removed, and both organizations could flourish for the good of chiropractic and the ultimate health care of the patient.

I think it is time to take action and remove the subluxations from CCE. Can we do it with a specific adjustment, or will surgery be required? I didn't think chiropractors did surgery.


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