Dynamic Chiropractic – July 24, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 16

Dr. Press Named to Medical Commission of Int'l Chess Federation

By Editorial Staff
Lausanne, SWITZERLAND - Stephen Press,DC, of Englewood, New Jersey has been appointed vice chairman of the medical commission of the World Chess Federation (FIDE - Federation Internationale des Echecs - http://www.fide.com).

Dr. Press' appointment was announced by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of the Republic of Kalmykia (aka Kalmuckia), senator in the upper house of the Russian Parliament, and chairman of FIDE.

FIDE was founded in 1924 and is the international agency governing chess championships. It is the only body authorized to grant the title of "grandmaster." In just the last couple of years, FIDE was granted "recognized federation" status by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). What does the IOC have to do with a chess federation? Dr. Press explains: "Despite the fact that there have been no real scandals involving use of ergogenic aids in chess, we need to assure that there is not a problem which has not yet been uncovered due to lack of acceptable controls."

Dr. Press also points out the physical side of chess: "In high-level play, masters are required to sit for long periods of time, and concentrate at levels which are actually physically exhausting, so postural issues as well as energy necessities for concentration are real."

The doctor hopes that he can introduce chiropractic to the competitors to "optimize the health of those whose physical functions have perhaps taken a back-seat to their cerebral ones."

Dr. Press is principally known for conceiving the Fâdâration Internationale de Chiropratique Sportive (FICS). FICS was founded in London in 1987, and Dr. Press was its first president. FICS is formally recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), an international sports accrediting agency.

In 1992, the Soviet minister of sport named Dr. Press "chief physician" for the Soviet Olympic Team at the Winter Olympic Games in France. Dr. Press has also been chairman for the medical commission of the International Federation of Roller Skating since 1998, a body recognized by the IOC and GAISF.


Nevada Chiropractors Unite

The Nevada Chiropractic Association (NCA) reports that the state is no longer a two-association state. For the past seven years, the NCA and the Nevada State Chiropractic Association (NSCA) have vied to represent the profession.

"Dr. Clyde Porter, NCA president, said it become a "necessity to agree to have one political voice and commit to that concept."

"Having one agenda that is understandable to our legislators will make chiropractic much more powerful," said state Senator Randolph Townsend.

The doctors most responsible for the unification were Clyde Porter (NCA) and Dr. Eugene Garlick (NSCA). The NCA presented Dr. Porter with the "Chiropractor of the Year" award, and presented Dr. Garlick with the "Distinguished Service Award."


Dr. Wilk Featured on Radio and Online Broadcast

Chester Wilk,DC, of Chicago, chiropractic's most renowned plaintiff (Wilk et al.v. AMA et al.) was a guest on Bill Boshears' radio show Sunday night June 25 on Cincinnati's WLW, a 50,000-watt "clear channel" radio station, said to be the largest in the Midwest, and heard in 38 states.

Dr. Wilk said that although he was somewhat disappointed that his one-hour slot had 30 minutes of commercials, he was still able to explain some of the roots and evolution of the chiropractic profession, much of which is outlined in his consumer-oriented book Medicine, Monopolies and Malice.

The interview was also heard live on line at http://www.700wlw.cc.

Dr. Wilk reports that he's been doing a number of other radio interviews, including a recent taping for a Gainsville, Florida station.

"It's a great way to attract people to chiropractic offices," he noted.


ABCA National Convention

With the theme "Adjusting to the New Millennium," the American Black Chiropractic Association will hold its national convention Sept. 28-Oct.1, 2000 in Oakland.

Among the highlights will be a tour of the new Life West campus in Hayward; a presentation on "Chiropractic History from an African American Perspective;" the Harvey Lillard Scholarship and Awards Banquet; and continuing education credits offered by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

More information on the ABCA convention may be obtained by contacting http://www.abchiro.org or LACC at 800-221-5222 (http://www.lacc.edu).


Aching Backs on the Set

Mel Gibson told TV Guide Online that a chiropractor from Los Angeles flew in every two weeks to spend a week treating the "Patriot" movie crew, including himself. "The guy's amazing," Mel raved.


Retired DC Gets Book Published On Line

Dr. Keith Martin, a retired chiropractor and native of Hart County, Kentucky, had his first novel published on line at http://www.iUniverse.com. The book, American Czar, is about the hopes of the Russian people to have a Czar lead them to prosperity.

The largest stockholder of http://www.iUniverse.com is Barnes and Noble, which plans to offer customers walking into its stores the ability to choose a book from an electronic database and have it printed and bound in less than two hours.

No stranger to receiving rejection slips from publishers, Dr. Martin is excited about the publication of his work. "Many writers are going unpublished today, simply because they do not have the name recognition and drawing power of established authors," noted Dr. Martin.


Montana "Chiropractor of the Year"

Robert Larson,DC, a Palmer graduate and chiropractor in Billings since 1969, was named the "Chiropractor of the Year" by the Montana Chiropractic Association. Dr. Larson, as chairman of the association's PR committee, distributed chiropractic books to over 250 Montana public, high school and college libraries. Dr. Larson also developed a symposium of DCs and MDs, and put together an advertising campaign to create greater awareness of chiropractic.


Nat'l Managed Care Congress

A delegation from the American Chiropractic Association attended the 12th annual National Managed Health Care Congress (NMHCC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

"This was a tremendous opportunity to work with numerous national managed care organizations," said ACA President James Mertz,DC.

The NMHCC is the leading provider of strategic business information and education for the managed health care industry. The NMHCC holds conferences and expositions on a full range of issues facing managed care.


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