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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 1, 2001, Vol. 19, Issue 25

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Take Me out to the Chiropractor

Dear Editor:

There is no doubt that Barry Bonds is a "true chiropractic champion," as detailed in your October 22, 2001 edition. I noted that the first sentence written by its author, Alan Palmer, DC,CCST, stated that Bonds was the first major league player to request that a chiropractor be available to him in every city on the team's schedule.

Being a New York Yankees fan, I remember that Wade Boggs, who almost ended his all-star career early due to chronic back pain, discovered chiropractic and requested chiropractic care in every city on the schedule. If I am not mistaken, the Yankees won the World Series that year (again), and Boggs's career was extended by four years, enabling him to achieve the 3,000-hit mark.

Additionally, history tells us another Yankee great, Babe Ruth, was a chiropractic patient. However, I do not know if the Babe requested that chiropractors be available to him in every city on the schedule.

Anthony DeSiena,DC
Eugene, Oregon

Editor's note: Dr. DeSiena is right about Wade Boggs, and we should know, as we wrote an article about the chiropractic care that helped Boggs play without pain (see "Professional Athletics and Chiropractic: a Winning Combination" at

Craig Newman,DC, of Tampa, Florida was the doctor who treated Wade and set up a chiropractic network so that he could receive adjustments in every city on the Yankees' schedule.

As for the Babe, that would be an interesting investigation for chiropractic historian Dr. Joseph Keating Jr.

Rondberg Letter Was "Never Presented to ICA Officials"

Dear Editor:

On the front page of the September 24 issue (volume 19, number 20) of Dynamic Chiropractic there's an article titled "ICA Threatened, You Be the Judge." After reading the article, I would like to point out that the statements are not in fact as reported. The ICA chose not to comply with the request that they "promote CBS as the 'official' ICA program to save face." Nor did ICA endorse the CBS malpractice insurance program "in exchange" for a "positive PR spin."

What I would like for your readers to know is that the letter Dr. Stuart Hoffman received by mail from Terry Rondberg was never presented to ICA officials or to our board for any decision. Dr. Stuart Hoffman serves as the president of ChiroSecure, and acts as a broker for ICA in providing malpractice insurance coverage for our members.

D.D. Humber,DC,FICA President,
International Chiropractic Association
Arlington, Virginia

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