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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 5, 2001, Vol. 19, Issue 23

What Does It Take to Be a Super CA?

By Rose Jacobs, CA
As a professional chiropractic assistant who advises and lectures, I am often asked, "What does it take to be a super CA?" This question is not only asked by the new chiropractic assistants, wanting of course to be the best possible, but also by chiropractic physicians attempting to create a well-managed clinic.

In this article, I will share with you the 10 qualities I feel every chiropractic assistant should strive to accomplish. CAs, while reviewing these areas, I recommend conducting a self-evaluation. Note what qualities excel in and what areas you need improvement. Doctors and office managers reading this article may also find these "Ten Super CA Qualities" to be helpful when organizing and creating a new employee evaluation form to assess your staff's effectiveness and efficiency. (These are not listed in order of importance.)

Ten "Super CA" Qualities

  1. Ability to Organize and Prioritize: Super CAs are able to juggle many responsibilities and make it all look easy.

  2. Knowing Your Role: Super CAs memorize, practice and role-play their procedures and scripts.

  3. Being a Team Player: Super CAs are knowledgeable of every staff member's position and responsibilities within the clinic. They also enjoy and work well with other support staff.

  4. Respecting the Clinic's Policies and Procedures: Super CAs understand that complying with the clinic's written policies and procedures is the key to managing a successful practice.

  5. Leaving Your "Personal Life" at Home: Super CAs realize that a clinic's mission can never be jeopardized by being self-absorbed or discussing personal affairs while on duty.

  6. Being Positive and Upbeat: Super CAs are enthusiastic about providing quality service to their doctors, clinics and patients.

  7. Living a Chiropractic Lifestyle: Super CAs "walk their talk." They schedule regular chiropractic check-ups not only for themselves, but for their family members.

  8. Educating Others about Chiropractic: Super CAs are passionate about educating others of the benefits of chiropractic care, and often refer others to their doctor.

  9. Making Patients Feel Special: Super CAs go out of their way to show warmth and compassion to everyone who enters their clinics. Super CAs spread smiles.

  10. Keeping Your Doctor Focused: Super CAs know that their number-one job is to keep their doctors focused on providing quality patient care. Quality patient care is priority one!

During many of my CA seminars and workshops in which I review these "Super CA" qualities, the chiropractic assistants realize what uniquely skilled professionals they are, or are in the process of becoming. Being a career chiropractic assistant is not easy, but I can tell you from personal experience, it is very rewarding. Keep up the good work, and strive to improve on those areas that will best help you serve your doctor and clinic.

Until next time, go out and make a difference!

Rose Jacobs
President, CA Solutions, Incorporated
Chesterfield, Missouri

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