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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 26, 2001, Vol. 19, Issue 05

Upcoming Conference on Chiropractic History

By Editorial Staff
The 20th annual Conference on Chiropractic History of the Association for the History of Chiropractic (AHC) will take place on the campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California, March 30 to April 1, 2001.

Nine papers have been accepted for presentation:

  1. A Brief History of Pacific States Chiropractic College - James Musick,DC, Alana Callender,MS.


  2. Courtroom Testimony in the Big Apple, 1941 - John Hart,DC.


  3. Autonomics: in and out of the Closet - Chuck Masarsky,DC, Marion Todres-Masarsky,DC.


  4. Clarence Weiant,DC,PhC,PhD, an Early Chiropractic Scholar - Joseph Keating, Jr.,PhD.


  5. Hail to the Chiefs: Presidents and CEOs of the LACC - Lawrence Siordia,DC,MD, Joseph Keating Jr.,PhD.


  6. Appa Anderson,DC,ND,DACBR, the First Female Radiologist - Kenneth Young, DC,DACBR, Pam Bjork, MLS.


  7. DD's Daughters: the Lost Palmers - Jetta Nash,BA.


  8. From Pacific States to Palmer West: The Short Life and Legacy of the Northern California College of Chiropractic - Joseph Keating Jr.,PhD, Claire Johnson,DC,MS.


  9. The History of the Mental Impulse: Theoretical Construct or Scientific Reality? - Simon Senzon,DC.

The AHC is a nonprofit membership society founded at Spears Hospital in Denver in 1980. Its mission is the "discovery, dissemination and preservation of the saga of chiropractic." The executive director of the AHC is Alana Callender,MS. Tele: (319) 884-5404; email: .

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