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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 29, 2001, Vol. 19, Issue 03

The "Have A Heart" Story

By Rose Jacobs, CA
Happy New Year, CAs!

I want to share with you a "children's chiropractic story." The ending to the story has yet to be written, but all of you "super CAs" can help give it a happy and healthy one.

This is a story that many of us in the profession have not heard before. If you are aware of it, I hope that hearing the story again will open your hearts to these beautiful children that need our support. This is the story of the children of Oklahaven.

Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Clinic is a not-for-profit clinic in Oklahoma City. This organization is dedicated to making sick children well using natural drug-free chiropractic care. The majority of these children are mentally and physically challenged, with conditions such as cerebral palsy; autism; paralysis; growth disorders; colic; asthma, etc. Many of these children's parents come to the clinic as a last hope.

Oklahaven has been doing its good work since 1962 - without state or federal government funding - and its staff is proud that they have never had to turn a child away.

I learned the story of these children when I heard the director of the clinic, Dr. Bobby Doscher, speak approximately four years ago. After being enlightened by the success stories of these children, I was compelled to a mission to not only to support Oklahaven, but to encourage other CAs to assist their DCs in treating more children in their own clinics.

During February 12-17, the week of Valentine's Day, Oklahaven will be having its annual fundraising event called Have A Heart Campaign 2001. If you would like to help these children to continue to receive quality chiropractic care, this is what you can do to help:


via e-mail:

via the web:

via mail:

Oklahaven Children's

Chiropractic Center

4500 N. Meridian

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Ask Oklahaven to send your clinic the following items:
  • the nine-minute video about the Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center;

  • at least two dozen "Have A Heart 2001 Campaign" pamphlets;

  • a information sheet about the details and deadlines of the campaign; and

  • the heart pattern that can be used to cut out red and pink hearts to display the names of patients that donate to the clinic.

CAs - This is what you'll need during the campaign week:
  1. If you have a TV/VCR in the clinic, bring it out to the reception or "hot seat" area and show the video to your patients, The children's progress shown in the video speaks for itself.

  2. Ask the patients to sponsor a heart by giving a gift. Have patients write their names on a heart that will be displayed through the month in your clinic.

  3. Keep a log of who gave and the amount given by each donor.

  4. Send a final report detailing your clinic's success to Oklahaven
    by the last week of February.

The ending of this children's story is up to you. So, CAs - go out and make a difference!

Rose Jacobs
Chesterfield, Missouri

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