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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 30, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 25

Bush Signs Bill to Include DCs in Student Loan Repayment Program

By Editorial Staff
S. 1533, a bill that includes a provision to include doctors of chiropractic in the National Health Service Corps, a program that provides participants with reimbursement of their student loans in exchange for service in medically underserved areas, was signed by President Bush on October 26, 2002. ("See Congress Passes Bill that Includes DCs in Nat'l Health Service Corps' Student Loan Repayment Program," in the Nov. 18, 2002 issue, on line at

Section 338L of the bill establishes "a demonstration project to provide for the participation of individuals who are chiropractic doctors or pharmacists in the Loan Repayment Program." (emphasis added.) The inclusion of chiropractic in the program stemmed from nearly two years of lobbying efforts by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC).

DCs will participate in a three-year pilot program, or test period, after which the "Secretary shall prepare and submit a report describing ... how the participation of chiropractic doctors and pharmacists in the Loan Repayment Program might affect the designation of health professional shortage areas; and the feasibility of adding chiropractic doctors and pharmacists as permanent members of the National Health Service Corps."


All Proceeds of Foot Levelers Seminars to Benefit Co-Sponsoring Colleges

Foot Levelers has announced once again that all proceeds from its license renewal seminars scheduled from January 18 through June 8, 2003 will benefit the co-sponsoring colleges.

The seminar speakers include DCs Jeff Behrend; Mark Charrette; John Danchik; Manuel Duarte; John Hyland; Kurt Larsen; Kirk Lee; Tim Maggs; Wayne Zemelka; and CA Susan Hoy.

For a schedule of dates, locations, additional topics, or to register, call 800-553-4860, or go to www.footlevelers. com.


Wilk Antitrust Committee and MCA Support NCLAF

At a September 28 meeting of the Michigan Chiropractic Association (MCA), ACA President Daryl Wills,DC, drew an enthusiastic response to his presentation on the status of the ACA's lawsuits against Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Medicare/Medicaid Services. The MCA member doctors pledged nearly $73,000 to the National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund (NCLAF).

The gravity of the legal action was also not lost on MCA member Tom Klapp,DC, president of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. "These lawsuits aren't about the ACA or the ICA. They are about insuring the future of the chiropractic profession in the United States and the rights of our patients to get chiropractic care."

Clair O'Dell, DC, a Wilk plaintiff, and chairman of the Wilk anti-trust committee, was present at the meeting. Dr. O'Dell, an ACA charter member in his 66th year of practice, commented: "We are appealing to every living chiropractor in the world to realize the importance of these two lawsuits and how they could affect the insurance industry and everything connected with fair play regarding our adversaries and the chiropractic profession." Dr. O'Dell warned: "Unless chiropractors want physical therapists to take us over, they'd better kick in their money now so that we win these two lawsuits."

Contributions can be sent to:

The National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund
Post Office Box 75359
Baltimore, Maryland 21275-5359

Beau Casey: Life West Student of the Year

The Life Chiropractic College West Alumni Association named Beau Casey 2002 "Student of the Year." Mr. Casey, who graduates in December, received the award for his solid academic standing and numerous contributions to his school, community and chiropractic.

Mr. Casey has earned the college's Student Achievement Award twice and was chosen "Student of the Quarter" by the student council. He served as Life West's student activities coordinator for over two years, was its chapter vice president in the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, and has been an active member of the Student International Chiropractors Association. He has also contributed to the school's student newspaper, Lifelines.

Beau Casey attended Mesa City College in his native San Diego and Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, prior to attending Life West. He has been involved in the dance troupe "Culture Shock" since 1996, and teaches exercise classes several times weekly in local gyms. He has been a certified aerobics instructor for nine years, and has volunteered time with the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition.


Corey Rodnick: Life University Alumnus of the Year

Midland, Michigan chiropractor Corey Rodnick has been named Life University's "2002 Alumnus of the Year." The award was presented during homecoming at Life in October.

A 1983 graduate and nine-year veteran of the alumni association board of directors, Dr. Rodnick was introduced to chiropractic following a back injury. His father suggested a visit to the chiropractor, but Corey, a pre-med student at the time, considered chiropractors "quacks that paralyze people." His father reminded him he already was paralyzed and had nothing to lose. One adjustment later, he was back on his feet and walking again.

After his chiropractic miracle, Corey enrolled at Life. Today, his thriving practice provides care for 500 to 700 patients a week. He has embarked on regular mission trips to Panama and campaigned for patients in China to receive chiropractic as a permanent part of their health care system.

All five of Dr. Rodnick's children are aspiring DCs, and he is authoring a book on chiropractic with a patient who has also experienced its healing powers.

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