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Dynamic Chiropractic – September 1, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 18

Be a Doctor of the Whole Nervous System

By Frank King, DC
What would be the ideal practice? You would have an abundance of patients waiting to see you, and no need for sales gimmicks. People would travel long distances to see you, and would pay cash for your services, whether they had insurance or not. You would have the reputation for helping people whom others could not, and in less time or fewer visits than other chiropractors.

Everyone wants to see the doctor who can correct the chronic, recurring conditions that others cannot. If this is the kind of practice you want to have and the kind of doctor you want to be, then read on.

Increase Your Value as a Doctor of Chiropractic

The doctor who can make a significant difference in chronic recurrent problems is the doctor of the future. Chiropractors can make that significant difference. However, this accomplishment will require a significant change in our understanding of chiropractic. We must understand that if we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always gotten. We must expand our boundaries with the obvious realization that nerve interference occurs beyond the spine. The vast network of the nervous system is busy with its reflexes and intricate relay mechanisms, much of which functions outside the spinal column. (Actually, about 80 percent of the nervous system functions outside the spinal column!)

D.D. Palmer, in his book, The Chiropractor's Adjuster, stated his vision: " soon as the human mind is capable of absorbing a still more refined and advanced method, and human inspiration demands it, it will be delivered to the denizens of the earth. A few years ago, it was thought impossible to send a telegram without using a stretched wire from post to post to convey it from one point to another. Today, by proper adjusting, messages are sent thousands of miles over land and sea without the need of posts or wire. Is it too much to expect a similar development, along chiropractic lines, to be awaiting our beck and call?"

Does the chiropractic adjustment truly correct the underlying causes of disease? Honestly - in how many cases have adjustments been a "Band-Aid" treatment until your patients became chiropractic junkies or dropped off in disappointment, due to repeated visits, financial stress, or lack of permanent results? In all sincerity, this is a threat to our reputation and our profession. I hope this question has at least been silently considered by every conscientious chiropractor.

We must find tools to correct nerve interference throughout the whole nervous system. We need the right tools that can reach where the hands of chiropractic cannot. In my search for the natural way to correct all this interference outside the parameters of the spine, nothing has shown the comprehensive ability to correct this interference as homeopathy. Joined with chiropractic, it propels the DC quantum leaps closer to being doctors of the whole nervous system. As we approach this mark, we experience results with the diverse problems that are plaguing society, but remain unanswered in our current health system. We become the doctors we spoke of earlier who make significant changes in the health of those we touch. We break the barriers of our limitations. We come so much closer to B.J. Palmer's vision of chiropractic (where we empty the hospitals, insane asylums and jails, and fill the churches).

The Homeopathy/Chiropractic Connection

The greatness of chiropractic stands on the foundation of our great profession. We should be getting successful results, as often as we do with the musculoskeletal side of our practice, for our chiropractic principles to be true. Homeopathy provides the chiropractor with the ability to treat the whole nervous system, and has long been recognized as the most profoundly effective force in healthcare by physicians who have actually applied this science.

Homeopathy and chiropractic coincide ideally in philosophy, mode of action, and effectiveness:

  1. Philosophy. The body is a self-healing organism. Healing occurs when proper communication is established in the nervous system. Symptoms are the body's own intelligent way of saying it needs help. Our purpose is to help the body express health, not mask or suppress this phenomenon.

  2. Mode of Action. Homeopathy assists the body's own natural healing capabilities through the nervous system. It occurs from above, down, inside and out. Retracing, or the temporary aggravation of symptoms (which is the body's positive attempt to heal), may occur to indicate the true healing responses to the cause of disease.

  3. Effectiveness of Results. Homeopathy has the most profound effect on the nervous system, often providing symptomatic relief within minutes or even seconds of taking a homeopathic remedy. Recurring subluxation complexes are quickly corrected with homeopathy.

It resembles chiropractic, yet these basic principles go back approximately 200 years to the inception of homeopathy. It has been powerfully suppressed in the past, yet it has withstood the test of time and scientific scrutiny. Now, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), homeopathy is the second- leading system of medicine relied upon for primary health care throughout the world.

The Whole Nervous System

To grow into the potential leadership role we have as "physicians of the human control system," chiropractors must seriously look at the dynamic role homeopathy has to offer. It offers the DC the most effective, tried, clinically proven and researched system of adjunctive treatment. Chiropractic pioneer D.D. Palmer did not intend for us to worship the therapeutic values of the chiropractic adjustment alone as the ultimate achievement for our great profession!

With homeopathy, you can effectively broaden your scope of practice to help the majority of problems plaguing our society.

Homeopathy Applied "Chiropractically"

Since 1979, our research team of doctors and support staff has developed a comprehensive, user-friendly system of homeopathy. The key to our successful system of homeopathy has been the application of what was a very complex and time-consuming art into a simplified, streamlined, efficient system of homeopathy applied for today's healthcare problems. This contemporary system of homeopathy is designed to successfully manage diverse conditions varying from anorexia and bulimia, to warts and weight control. This system can be successfully applied with just a few hours of instruction.

I encourage you to take hold of a more complete vision for chiropractic, expand your boundaries as a doctor of the whole person, and equip yourself with the right tools to more completely clear nerve interference throughout the whole nervous system.

Frank King,DC,ND
Asheville, North Carolina

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