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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 16, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 17

FICS World Report

The 2002 Winter Olympics and the World Olympians Association

By Editorial Staff
The World Olympians Association of the Americas (WOA) provided the opportunity for chiropractic services to be administered at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. DCs Brian Nook and David Pierson worked with the WOA and served as the chefs de mission at the Games. Dr. Laney Nelson worked to facilitate local chiropractic coverage; Dr. Tim Ray, president of the ACA Sports Council and the United States Sports Chiropractic Federation (USSCF), worked as an ambassador for the profession and provided logistical support. This was a combined effort of the USSCF and the FICS (Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport). The USSCF consists of representatives from the ACA Sports Council, ICA Fitness Council, ProSport/CEPA, and FICS.

Thanks to the WOA, the USSCF was able to provide 34 chiropractors during the Winter Olympics, many who were local, thanks to Dr. Nelson. The WOA provided treatment rooms in their hospitality suite, allowing the FICS to place signs in the suite announcing its presence and availability for treatment. This situation proved to be an outstanding success and the WOA has agreed to work very closely with FICS in future Olympics and other international events.

Chiropractors of note at the Games included Drs. Tim Ray and Jim Lowrance, who served as clinic directors in the WOA headquarters; Dr. Daniele Bertamini, president of FICS, who followed up with the International Skating Federation; and the following participating DCs: Tim Stark; Ira Shapiro; Sheila Wilson; Donna McAllister; Ted Forcum; Bill Bonsall; Sherri Lashomb; Abbigail Irwin; Clive Bridgham; and James Kurtz.

FICS General Director Dr. Roland Noirat attended several meetings with key International Olympic Committee (IOC) personnel, including Madame Zwiefal and Dr. Samach. Additional meetings were conducted with representatives from Tornino, Italy and Athens, Greece, attempting to establish chiropractic coverage for upcoming Olympic events.

The FICS and the USSCF would like to thank Mr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Liston Bochette from the WOA for their generosity and willingness to work with us. Through the efforts of Dr. Tom Hyde, the WOA made the facilities available for use by our members.

We would also like to thank the Florida Chiropractic Association Sports Council (FCASC) and its president, Dr. Joanne Fava, for their donation of $1,000 to host a news conference featuring Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. The WOA news conference announced the opening of the "Americas" chapter, which covers Canada; the U.S.; Mexico; Central America; South America; and the Caribbean. The offices of the WOA are located within the offices of the Secretary of State for Florida in Miami, with a liaison to the WOA, Dr. Tom Hyde.


The Japanese Federation of Chiropractic Sports (J-FOCS) has been very busy since its formation last year. In March 2001 Dr. Tadzume provided treatment for the Miyazaki Prefecture team at the All Japanese High School Women's Volleyball Competition. Also in March, Dr. Moriwaki attended the World Short Track speed skating competition in Nagano. At the 270 km marathon were Drs. Okamoto, Hongoh, Hiraki, Sennda and Tsukamoto. In May, at Bunkyou University, J-FOCS covered events with Drs. Harada, Kondoh, Watanabe, Moriguchi, Mikuni, and Noda. Dr. Fred Koike, president of J-FOCS, attended the WFC conference in Paris and the FICS general assembly, on behalf of J-FOCS.

Several doctors from Japan attended the FICS Symposium in Perth, Australia in November, including Drs. Moriwsaki, Nakatsuka, Igarashi and Harada. Wrapping up a busy year, Drs. Kikuchi, Kondoh and Mikuni provided chiropractic coverage at the Kanto area soft-tennis competition, and supported Kisarazu High School.

J-FOCS has a number of events scheduled for coverage in 2002: the Kyokushin Karate Asian competition in Fukuoka; the Cosmopolitan Area 4 universities track and field competition; and the Japanese Ironman in Nagasaki.

FICS would like to congratulate J-FOCS for an outstanding first year.


The Australian Chiropractors Sports Council is being reformed: Dr. Kym Davis will take on the presidency. Many Australian chiropractors are now working with national and state teams in various sports and the reformation of the sports council can only improve and intensify the development of sports, chiropractic in Australia. The November 2001 FICS International Sports Symposium in Australia turned out to be the largest sports chiropractic symposium in the southern hemisphere; well in excess of 100 doctors from over 20 countries attended.


In the state of Guadajuato, Drs. Monterrubio and Saul Luengas provided care to more than 500 competitors in the Tae Kwon Do tournament in San Luis de la Paz. They treated injuries ranging from heat stroke and hypertension to sprains and subluxations, and continue to provide chiropractic care at an ever-increasing number of events.

Latin America

Through the efforts of Mr. Jose Rodriguez, FICS was asked to cover the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games. This was done through the courtesy of the FederaciÑn Chiropractica Mexicana de Deportiva (FCMD) and the ConfederatiÑn Pan American Chiropractica de Deportiva (CPACD). Dr. Enrique Benet, president of both organizations, arranged to send Dr. Tom Hyde to San Salvador to meet with the organizers and solidify chiropractic involvement. The games are set to begin Nov. 23 in San Salvador. Fifteen chiropractors who are bilingual in Spanish and English will be needed. Volunteers must be members of the FCMD, CPACMD, FICS or USSCF in order to apply. If you are interested, please e-mail Dr. Hyde at .

The organizers of the games have agreed to pay for volunteers' food and housing at the University in San Salvador. Volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation, however.


For the first time, the Italian Olympic team included a chiropractor, Dr. Franco Cento, to treat the team snowboarders. The Italian Rowing Federation has renewed, for the coming season, its agreement with the Italian Chiropractic Sports Confederation (ICSC), and Dr. Bertamini will be one of the main speakers at their National Congress. A meeting with the new technical director of the Italian rugby team will take place in the near future and there is a very good chance that Dr. Battiston, a former national rugby player, will be involved with the team. A team of four chiropractors has been asked to provide chiropractic care at the World Rowing Championships, which will take place in Geneva next July.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Chiropractic Association provided chiropractic care at the following events: all of the Hong Kong local and international windsurfing regattas/races; Hong Kong National Basketball Games; the Hong Kong Open Indoor Rowing Championship; the Hong Kong Open Triathlon; the adidas 3-on-3 basketball tournament; the Hong Kong Outward Bound School Adventure Race; and the government vs. consular football game.

Dr. Cosman will cover the Asian Clubs Basketball Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This represents another outstanding effort on behalf of the chiropractors in Hong Kong and shows their dedication to helping athletes.

Great Britain

In November 2001, Dr. Robert Scott covered the Army Squash Championships at Aldershot; most of the injuries treated were back-related. He has been invited to return next year. Premier League Football has been receiving chiropractic care from Paul Cheung,DC.

Dr. Dik Skippings is pleased to announce the formation of the British Chiropractic Sports Council website. You can now obtain information online regarding the activities of sports and chiropractic in the UK at The site contains a regularly updated membership list; information on forthcoming events; and news. The site also offers the opportunity to refer your athletes directly to a member of the BCSC.

In November, chiropractic care was given at the Women's 16 and Under World Softball Championship in Lakeland, Florida, U.S. after an agreement with the International Softball Federation. A team from the U.K. participated and asked if similar services could be provided to their players in their country. A referral was made and chiropractic services will now be provided in the U.K.

Also covered this year by the BCSC was the British Veterans Indoors Athletics Championships in Glasgow.


Only Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark currently have National Sports Councils within the European Community. FICS's increasing link with the IOC has made it more important than ever that all countries within the European community should strive toward establishing a national sports council without delay. There is currently a proposal before the European Chiropractors Union. If you would like to get involved in establishing a sports council in your country, please contact Tom Greenway at .

FICS in Switzerland - July 2002

The World Conference on Manipulative Therapy and Sport Science was held the first week of July in Lausanne, Switzerland. FICS held its board meeting on June 30 and July 1, followed by the general assembly (GA). The Swiss Chiropractic Sports Council hosted this conference with patronage from the IOC, GAISF and ICSSPE. The program featured sports chiropractic and manipulation with a gala aboard a steamboat on the lake.

Volvo's "Around the World Ocean Race"

Eight 12-meter yachts left Southampton, England on Sept. 23, 2001, headed around the world. They sailed from Southampton to Capetown, S. Africa; on to Sydney and Tasmania, Australia; Aukland, New Zealand; Rio de Janeiro; and Miami, Florida. The crews worked day and night, which resulted not only in fatigue, but also in many injuries including prolonged sun and saltwater exposure and a host of musculoskeletal disorders.

While in Miami, March 27-April 14, the sailboat and shore crews were treated along with VIPs, family members and officials. Dr. Tom Hyde and physiatrist Dr. Bryce Epstein spent over a year putting together a multidisciplinary team, consisting of members representing a local hospital; chiropractor; dentist; optometrist; orthopedist; acupuncturist; massage therapist; and other treatment offices. The team was kept busy the full time the boats were in harbor.

From Miami, the race continued to Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland; La Rochelle, France; Goteborg, Sweden; and finished in Kiel, Germany in June. Along the way, the FICS provided chiropractic services in each city. Dr. Timo Malinen, a chiropractor/physical therapist, traveled with the Volvo staff as head of medical services for the event.


FICS was involved with the Men's and Women's Mixed World Softball Championships in June in Plant City, Florida. They expected 45 teams from around the world. Drs. Joanne Fava and Val Gambini coordinated treatment services for this event. Dr. Fava is president of the Florida Chiropractic Association Sports Council, and a member of the USSCF and FICS.

The softball world championships will head north to Canada this summer. The FICS has agreed to have two chiropractors present.

World Federation of Chiropractic

The FICS has been invited to participate with the WFC in May 2003 at a conference in Orlando, Florida, themed "Chiropractic Practice and the Cervical Spine." The conference runs from May 1-4 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World resort. Speakers and topics from FICS are scheduled to include: Drs. Alan Palmer and Tom Hyde on starting and developing a sports chiropractic practice; Drs. Brian Nook and Tim Ray on working with sports teams in your local community; Drs. Robin Hunter and Alan Sokoloff on working with professional sports teams and international and Olympic teams; Dr. Tim Ray on taping techniques for the foot and ankle; Dr. John Downes on upper extremity adjusting techniques; Dr. Tom Souza on lower extremity adjusting techniques; Dr. Robin Hunter discussing female athletes; and Dr. Sherri Lashomb on cervical spine injuries and concussions in sports.

World Surfing Championships

Through the continued efforts of the FICS at the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), it was able to obtain approval for coverage of the World Surfing Championships in June in Durban, South Africa. Coverage of this event was provided by local chiropractors.

Final Thoughts

It seems that each year brings additional requests for chiropractic services. This report represents only a partial list of events we have covered recently or will cover in the future. We continue to have requests for weightlifting events throughout Latin America. If you are interested in these events, or if you wish to be placed on the FICS email list to receive information about upcoming events and activities, please contact Tom Hyde directly at . The FICS would like to thank all of the individuals who have continued to provide excellent care for athletes around the world, and who have been building a tremendous reputation for chiropractic.


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