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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 15, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 15

User-Friendly Homeopathy

By Frank King, DC
The basic truths of life are really quite simple once we have figured them out, or just simply stumbled across them. "Simplicity + effectiveness = ultimate success," is a formula that has served us remarkably well.

Homeopathy was once a complex healing art relegated to only a few doctors who have dedicated their lives to its study. Today, breakthroughs in products and procedures make homeopathy fast, easy and more effective for the chiropractic physician.

We can tap into the vast resources of knowledge and wisdom that govern the life within us - innate intelligence. This wisdom within us offers us more information and simpler solutions to today's common health problems than the standard lab tests. There is an objective way to tap into innate intelligence and discover specific solutions to your patients' unique health care needs without spending excess time with each patient, getting another degree, or risking thousands on the latest gadgetry!

The body is still the most sophisticated laboratory in the world. You can tap directly into it and apply the body's innate wisdom through sublingual reflex response testing! It is time to begin listening more closely to the body. It tells you exactly what products it needs and doesn't need; when to increase or decrease the dosage frequency; when to stop a product; and even help you explore what other products it may need to help overcome disease and enhance overall health.

With over 20 years of chiropractic and homeopathic research experience, I can report to you with confidence that the sublingual reflex response test is the key to discovering the correct homeopathic remedy for a patient. The advantages of the reflex response test are many

  • It is as accurate as any other testing method.

  • It is basically free; any chiropractor can integrate it easily and confidently.

  • It increases patient awareness and participation in healing.

  • It dramatically increases results by confirming the remedies the patient responds to.

  • It can give you information that the laboratory cannot. The body has a reservoir of resources and a wealth of wisdom waiting to be tapped.

  • It helps us discover answers to problems perplexing our society.

  • It enables us to know what each patient needs and does not need.

  • It allows us to use homeopathy more proactively and preventively. We can now find specific remedies to build our health without having to rely on a symptomatic picture alone.

  • It helps raise our standard of care to a higher level of health, longevity and quality of life!

Through sublingual reflex responses, patients can communicate exactly what their bodies need. These reflex messages can be interpreted through the basic leg-length check or simple muscle test. No laboratory tests can replace what these tests reveal. Only the human body can provide us with this kind of intelligence. Other doctors may say, "Let's try this or that." We can say with authority, "This is what your body will respond to, and here it is." We can also re-test and know when to change formulas or doses, or to restart them.

The Leg Check Procedure

You may use a leg-check procedure as an alternative to the muscle-test procedure, or in conjunction with it. It takes only a few seconds to confirm a positive response. The procedure can be used before or after the adjustment with equal effectiveness.

With the patient supine:

  1. Check the leg length.

  2. Place a small amount of the formula under the tongue.

  3. In five to seven seconds, recheck the leg length. If there is a change - a short leg becoming even or reversing, or even legs becoming uneven - this indicates a positive response. A positive response means that the patient needs the formula being tested. No change means the patient does not need the formula.

The Muscle Test Procedure

With the patient supine:

  1. Ask the patient whether any degeneration or inflammation of the shoulder or arm exists. If so, test the good arm. If not, proceed.

  2. Instruct the patient to extend the arm straight up to the ceiling (90 degrees) and lock the elbow.

  3. Stand beside the patient and attempt to pull the arm down and slightly away from the body as the patient resists the movement.

  4. Test this two or three times to confirm muscle strength or weakness.

  5. Place a small amount of the formula under the tongue.

  6. In five to seven seconds, test the muscle again. If the formula will have a positive influence on the body, either a previously strong muscle will temporarily become weak, or a previously weak muscle will become temporarily strong. This testing response is unique to homeopathic formulas. Nutritional and herbal products will not test in the same manner as homeopathic products.

Homeopathy equips DCs with the tools to overcome the common, chronic, recurring health problems plaguing our society. It corrects nerve interferences throughout the whole body where the hands of the chiropractor cannot! You can help complete chiropractic destiny with homeopathy.

With testing procedures like these, we are equipped to crack difficult or "incurable" cases that others do not know how to solve. With a little common sense, wisdom, insight and persistence applied to our procedures, you will be known as the "doctor to see for difficult cases."

Frank King,DC,ND
Asheville, North Carolina

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