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Dynamic Chiropractic – March 11, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 06

How Homeopathy Can Empower Any Chiropractic Practice

By Frank King, DC
Whether you have a straight upper cervical practice or go for the total holistic approach, homeopathy offers great value to every style of chiropractic practice.

Homeopathy corrects nerve interferences throughout the body, where the hands of the chiropractor cannot! We want to help you complete "chiropractic destiny" with homeopathy.

Homeopathy equips the straight doctor with the added armamentarium to correct nerve interferences beyond the spine. There are specific homeopathic formulas to effectively correct the plethora of nerve interferences behind the chronic recurring subluxation complexes. You will be amazed at how well the body will hold the adjustment and allow the spine to heal, restore and stabilize. Whether the injury involves disc, ligament, tendon, joint capsule or muscle, homeopathy can help.

Homeopathy can also empower the chiropractor to better correct other interferences that may cause recurring subluxation. These may include various forms of mental and emotional stress, various malfunctions throughout the body, and toxins.

Everybody wants to see the doctor who helps the chronic, recurring and resistant cases that have become so common in our society. Homeopathy offers the chiropractor the added armamentarium it takes to correct these difficult cases. Homeopathy also offers the chiropractor the ability to more quickly and effectively correct the average cases we see daily in our office.

The bottom line: The more effective we are in helping people, the greater is our value as DCs. Results from homeopathy are and will always be the most effective practice-building tool we can have. Good marketing and a positive, upbeat personality are valuable tools, but will never surpass the power of superior results. When you begin cracking the difficult cases other doctors cannot, your practice goes to a new level. Your referrals grow, your good reputation grows, and you gain greater respect and appreciation from your patients, your coworkers, and your colleagues.

With homeopathy you will grow inwardly, as well. Your sense of self-worth grows in proportion to your ability to help people. The more you are able to positively impact the health and lives of patients, the greater your inner reward. Your sense of fulfillment will also take on a new level. This realm of inner growth spills over into every aspect of your life!

Your finances will obviously grow as you begin cracking the chronic cases. New contemporary procedures in homeopathy are designed for both the broad-scoped and high-volume practice.

Homeopathy can greatly benefit any style of practice. If you want to be the best at what you do, then there is something in homeopathy to benefit you. Whether you are straight, or go from the headaches to the hemorrhoids, homeopathy can significantly help you.

The key to success with homeopathy is not only the product but the procedures. We have turned what was once a complex time-consuming healing art into an easy and accessible system for the high-volume practice. This is essential to significantly reach a population in great need.

The doctors in greatest demand are the ones offering safe, natural solutions to the common health problems perplexing our society. Homeopathy offers chiropractic more solutions to these problems than any other adjunct.

The majority of the public is affected by some so-called incurable or recurring problems that neither medicine nor chiropractic has been able to resolve. These people are open to, hungry for, even hoping and praying for someone to come along with an answer to their dilemma. "Dis-ease" has been robbing people of quality of life and longevity for too long. The majority of the population is seeking a doctor at least willing to step up to the plate and try to help them.

People are willing to step beyond the restrictions of insurance and managed care and pay cash to someone with a possible answer. The answer to their prayers can be you. The question is, "Are you are willing to break the mold and get out of the box and experience your potential?"

Doctors, I encourage you to experience the many benefits homeopathy has to offer you in your practice. Call my office (800-543-3245) for a copy of our procedural training program.

Frank King, DC, ND
Asheville, North Carolina

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