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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 11, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 04

ACC/RAC: The Biggest Chiropractic Clinical, Academic, Research Conference on Earth

By Editorial Staff
Imagine a conference that includes over 160 presentations from over 120 of the most authoritative figures in chiropractic. No, it's not a Parker seminar, it's the joining of two outstanding chiropractic conferences into one big event.

For the first time, the ninth annual meeting of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) is combined with the seventh annual meeting of the chiropractic Research Agenda Conference (RAC) in New Orleans, March 13-16, 2002. It will be four days of workshops, platform and poster presentations that include some of the best clinical information, academic findings and chiropractic research this profession has to offer.

Until now, these two conferences were quietly tucked away and held for the benefit of chiropractic educators and the chiropractic research community. If you didn't already know about the conferences, you didn't know what you were missing. Both conferences, however, gained increasing popularity as venues where you could hear the most current information about developments in chiropractic, and have a chance to speak one-on-one with the doctors making it happen.

This year, the two organizations were persuaded to work together to create one of the most comprehensive chiropractic programs imaginable. Here are just a few of the over 160 topics that will be presented:

  • Chiropractic Technology and Technique

  • How Can We Make a Case for Maintenance and Wellness Care?

  • The Safety of Chiropractic Care

  • Clinical Practice and Practical Applications

  • Updates in Spinal Manipulation

  • Beyond Musculoskeletal: Caring for the Whole Person

  • Measurements: Spinal Structure and Function

  • Defining Success in the Profession

  • Landmark Events in Chiropractic

  • Linking with Anatomy: Lessons from the Human Body

  • Nutrition in Chiropractic

  • Manipulation and Clinical Observations

  • Detection of Artificial Leg-Length Inequality

  • Degenerative Changes of the Articular Processes following Spinal Fixation

  • Changes in Sagittal Lumbar Configuration with a New Method of Extension Traction

  • Stability of Paraspinal Thermal Patterns during Equilibration

  • Examination of Variations in Dense Connective Tissue Attachments

  • In Vivo Motion Analysis of the Human Lumbar Spine During Spinal Manipulation

  • Diets and Physical Fitness

  • Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Cervicogenic Headache

  • Provocation Testing with Pelvic Wedges

  • Success in Chiropractic Practice

  • Cervical Intersegmental Motion Assessment

  • Manipulation of the Tibiotalar

  • Kinematic Analysis of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

  • Inflammation of Lumbar Multifidus Muscle Reflexly Increases Sympathetic Nerve Activity to Spleen and Kidney

  • Contents for Chiropractors' Athletic Event Emergency Bags

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in the Verification of Trigger Point Diagnosis

  • Developing Skilled Performance of Spinal Manipulation/Adjustment

  • How Well Does Lumbar Fusion Preserve Physiologic Lordosis?

  • Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment of an 86-Year Old

  • Management of Idiopathic Scoliosis Based on the Copes Scoliosis Treatment

  • Chiropractic Success Survey

  • Enhancing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • Reliability and Validity in Clinical Assessment

  • Integrating Chiropractic Clinical Training in a Multidisciplinary Hospital Setting: The Danish Model

  • Sleep, Anxiety, and Pain Thresholds in Healthy Young Adults

  • Interpretation of Patient-Oriented Outcomes Measures in Low Back Pain Patients

  • Effect of Single Chiropractic Adjustment on Pain Perception and Inflammatory Reactions

  • Musculoskeletal Injury and Performance in Female High School Pole Vaulters

  • The Webster Technique: A Pilot Study of Effectiveness

  • RCT-Pilot of Chiropractic Care in Childhood Asthma

  • Chiropractic Management of Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

  • Unexpected Findings in Vitamin B Supplementation in a Diagnosed Parkinson's Disease

  • Soft Tissue Therapy: Our Patient's Point of View

  • Analysis of the Communication Between Practitioner and Patient

  • Chiropractic Adjusting to Effect Improved Sagittal Plane Spinal Geometry, Gravitational Loading, Cervical Dynamic Function and Patient Subjective Complaints

  • Past, Present and Future: What Are the Take Home Messages?

There will also be "state-of-the-art presentations" in which invited speakers will address the topics below as they relate to chiropractic:
  • Neuroscience

  • Biomechanics

  • Clinical Outcomes

  • Diagnostic Assessment

  • Educational Research

  • Health Services

Attendance notes:

The hotel is in the French Quarter:

Omni Royal Orleans
621 St. Louis St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70140
phone: (504) 529-5333
fax: (504) 529-7089

If you reserve your hotel room by February 13, 2002, you'll receive the discounted conference rate. Be sure to mention the ACC/RAC conference.

Registration is $180, which is surprisingly inexpensive, considering that this includes three continental breakfasts and three luncheons. You can register on line at: or by calling (563) 884-5198. CCE credit is being applied for in all states.


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