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Chiro Poll Archives - 1999

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Have you ever bought any chiropractic related products or services on the Internet?
December 27, 1999

Have you ever bought any products or services on the internet?
December 13, 1999

Do you receive patient referrals from Acupuncturists?
November 29, 1999

Do you refer patients to Acupuncturists?
November 15, 1999

What part of Dynamic Chiropractic do you read on the internet (www.ChiroWeb.com)?
November 1, 1999

Where do you read Dynamic Chiropractic?
October 18, 1999

Should Doctors of Chiropractic be reimbursed by third party payors for "correcting subluxations" only?
October 4, 1999

If a demonstration were arranged for all DCs to gather in Washington, D.C. to support ACA's lawsuit against HCFA, would you attend?
September 20, 1999

Do you use the word "subluxation" when explaining chiropractic to patients?
September 6, 1999

Have you ever sustained an injury that prevented you from continuing to practice? If so what type of injury was it:
August 23, 1999

Have you ever sustained an injury that prevented you from continuing to practice? If so what was it:
August 9, 1999

Are you satisfied with your current reimbursement from Medicare?
July 26, 1999

If it afforded you additional access to patients, would you accept the title "Chiropractic Physician"?
July 12, 1999

On average, how much do you receive per patient visit from your managed care network?
June 28, 1999

On average, how many visits does your managed care network allow after the first visit?
June 14, 1999

On average, how long does it take to get approval for care from your chiropractic network?
May 31, 1999

What percentage of your income is from managed care?
May 17, 1999

What percentage of your practice is managed care?
May 3, 1999

How many managed care networks and/or plans (which require pre-authorization prior to treatment) do you belong to?
April 19, 1999

Are you aware of MDs or PTs in your community that are manipulating their patients?
April 5, 1999

If you have children, what have you done as far as having them vaccinated?
March 22, 1999

Do you believe that you have ever over adjusted patients to the point of having hyper-mobile joints?
March 8, 1999

Should the chiropractic profession have some kind of dual level licensing that would allow some DCs limited prescription privileges?
February 22, 1999

In your opinion, what is the most effective form of advertising to increase awareness for the chiropractic profession?
February 8, 1999

How has managed care affected your practice?
January 25, 1999

What percentage of your personal injury (PI) patients continue chiropractic care after they have received their settlement?
Januray 11, 1999

Dynamic Chiropractic
How often do you reach out to patients who haven't visited your practice in six months or more?
Every few months
Every 3-4 months
Every six months or so
Once a year
Less frequently

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