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Chiro Poll Archives - 2006

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What types of magazines do you have in your waiting room?
December 17, 2006

What is your opinion of the speakers you heard at the chiropractic conventions/conferences you attended in 2006?
December 3, 2006

Do you feel that it is a conflict of interest for DC who is an owner/ officer of a managed care company to also be an officer/ director of a chiropractic state association or a member of a chiropractic state licensing board?
November 21, 2006

Do you hold a second health care degree or license in addition to your chiropractic degree and if so what is it?
November 8, 2006

When you encourage people to seek a career as a doctor of chiropractic, do you recommend a particular chiropractic college?
October 26, 2006

How do you educate your existing patients about the services and products you offer in your clinic?
October 12, 2006

What percentage of your patients visit you for sports-related health issues?
September 28, 2006

In your opinion, how well do your patients understand the value of chiropractic?
September 14, 2006

Do you use decompression therapy with your patients?
September 1, 2006

In what percentage of your patients do you care for the entire family, including children (vs. a single member of that family)?
August 15, 2006

How important is it to have an investigative newspaper in the chiropractic profession vs. magazines?
July 30, 2006

What is your opinion of taking chiropractic seminars at vacation destinations?
July 16, 2006

Do you use vibration therapy with your patients?
July 4, 2006

Are you a member of a state chiropractic association?
June 20, 2006

How do you market your practice? (Please select all forms of marketing you are currently using.)
May 22, 2006

Which of the following do your pre- and post-menopausal patients take to manage the effects of menopause?
May 8, 2006

What percentage of your patients communicate with you via e-mail?
April 24, 2006

From among this list, what is the most important research topic for the chiropractic profession?
April 10, 2006

The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) has released new clinical practice guidelines, essentially determining that over-the-counter cough medicines do little, if anything, to actually relieve coughs. Have you been talking to your patients about this?
March 27, 2006

On average, how many referrals do you get from MDs and DOs within a one-year period?
March 13, 2006

On average, how many MDs and DOs visit you for chiropractic care within a one-year period?
February 27, 2006

How would you rate the eating habits of your patients?
February 13, 2006

How would you rate your own eating habits?
January 30, 2006

As you look at the coming year, what are you expecting for your practice in 2006?
January 16, 2006

In your estimation, what percentage of your patients have been exposed to anti-chiropractic information?
January 3, 2006

Dynamic Chiropractic
How often do you reach out to patients who haven't visited your practice in six months or more?
Every few months
Every 3-4 months
Every six months or so
Once a year
Less frequently

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