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Chiro Poll Archives - 2001

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Should the number of students graduating from chiropractic colleges in the Unites States be regulated?
December 24, 2001

Since September 11th, are your patients more or less aware of their health?
December 10, 2001

How much money would you donate monthly to a public relations and marketing campaign for chiropractic if you knew you would never get a new patient from it?
November 26, 2001

On average, how many times did you communicate with your patients outside the office over the last year?
November 12, 2001

When did you become a really good adjuster?
October 29, 2001

Do you believe that continuing education seminars can be effectively taken on the Internet?
October 15, 2001

How good an adjuster do you think you are?
October 1, 2001

In your opinion, does the subluxation complex have a bio-chemical component?
September 17, 2001

Is your approach to your patients: more mechanistic or more vitalistic?
September 3, 2001

Who would you prefer to open a new chiropractic college?
August 20, 2001

In the United States, what does the chiropractic profession need?
August 6, 2001

How much do research findings affect the way you practice? July 23, 2001

When was the last time you approached a medical doctor regarding forming a relationship that would allow each of you to refer patients to the other?
July 9, 2001

If given the chance, would you be interested in practicing chiropractic in the military?
June 25, 2001

How important is it for you to be a member of a state chiropractic association?
June 11, 2001

How low would the yearly membership dues have to be for you to join a national chiropractic association?
May 28, 2001

How important is it for you to be a member of a national chiropractic association?
May 14, 2001

How many times each year do you go to a meeting (seminars included) of at least 20 doctors of chiropractic?
April 30, 2001

If you could go back in time and attend chiropractic college all over again, would you pick a different college to attend?
April 16, 2001

Do you believe that the subluxation is a major source of disease?
April 2, 2001

How often do you, a doctor of chiropractic, take nutritional supplements?
March 19, 2001

How often do you, a doctor of chiropractic, take over-the-counter drugs?
March 5, 2001

How often do you, a doctor of chiropractic, get adjusted?
February 19, 2001

Are your patients empowered with a way to ask you questions via the Internet (on your website or via e-mail) that you have made them aware of?
February 5, 2001

Which of these other health care profession is most closely aligned with chiropractic?
January 22, 2001

How many times did you purchase on the Internet in 2000?
January 8, 2001

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Every 3-4 months
Every six months or so
Once a year
Less frequently

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