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Chiro Poll Archives - 2000

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What (as they would describe it) causes the majority of your patients to make an appointment?
December 25, 2000

Which of the following do you have the greatest allegiance to?
December 11, 2000

How many times in an average week do you have an unfilled time slot in your office appointment book?
November27, 2000

In your opinion, which of the three has the greatest impact on the inability of consumers to fully embrace chiropractic?
November 13, 2000

How well did your chiropractic education prepare you to become a successful doctor of chiropractic?
October 30, 2000

How well did your chiropractic education prepare you to pass the National Board exams?
October 16, 2000

Which of the following are the most influential in the chiropractic profession?
October 2, 2000

Looking at the reimbursement rates that some HMOs are asking DCs to accept, what is the lowest payment you would accept for an office visit before you would resign from that HMO?
September 18, 2000

Recently, a start-up Internet company offered 5,000 shares of stock to chiropractic leaders as an incentive for them to become members of their advisory committee.
Do you believe it is a conflict of interest for chiropractic leaders (college presidents, state and national association officers, etc.) to accept payment (in stock or cash) to advise, endorse or assist companies who sell products to the chiropractic profession?

September 4, 2000

What percent of your patient visits are for "maintenance care?"
August 21. 2000

What is your usual connection speed when you access the internet?
August 7. 2000

How many e-mails do you get in a week?
July 24, 2000

How is your practice compared to five years ago (1995)?
July 10, 2000

Are you interested in making hospital rounds?
June 26, 2000

Do you feel qualified to practice as a "primary care provider?"
June 12, 2000

A recent study found that 39% of MDs have manipulated their reports to their patients' insurance company in order to ensure the patient got the care they needed. Do you believe this type of activity is:
May 29, 2000

Given the interest in E-Commerce, are you currently offering your patients the ability to make appointments or purchase health care products online?
May 15, 2000

Chiropractic college enrollment is down by an average of 15% over two years. What is the primary reason why this is happening:
May 1, 2000

When you vote this November, will you generally vote:
April 17, 2000

Are you interested in receiving the latest chiropractic news via e-mail?
April 3, 2000

Does your practice have its own website/webpage?
March 20, 2000

Has the managed care portion of your practice increased, decreased, or remained about the same?
March 6, 2000

How often do you read research papers (not articles in Dynamic Chiropractic, but the actual paper)?
February 21, 2000

Given all that has been uncovered, do you believe that the directors of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) should resign?
February 7, 2000

The current total cost of all four (Part I, II, III & IV) national board tests is $1,450. Do you feel this is:
January 24, 2000

How many times did you purchase products or services on the internet in 1999?
January 10, 2000

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How often do you reach out to patients who haven't visited your practice in six months or more?
Every few months
Every 3-4 months
Every six months or so
Once a year
Less frequently

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